Based on the DHSG standard, the headset can be used to control the volume, as well as to accept and clear down phone calls. Giving you an easy to use and feature rich Phone for your phone system. Aastra Office IP phones work besides the respective Phone system. The Aastra ip is an all round IP Phone model with an advanced range of features.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Aastra Business Communication. This user's guide describes the functions, the con-. Business communication solution supported communication systems: aastra ; aastra ; aastra pages. Business communication solution supported platforms: aastra ; aastra ; aastra 92 pages. Supported platforms: aastra ; aastra ; aastra 96 pages. Telephone Aastra User Manual Telephone handset 7 pages.

System telephones for mx-one telephony system and md pages. Page 6: Product Information Product information Safety information Failure to observe this information can be hazardous and infringe existing laws. Connections Always plug the phone cable connectors into the appropriate sockets. Do not modify the connections in any way. Mains power Use the original power supply only. Connect the power supply only to power sources that conform to the indications on the power supply.

Page 8 Purpose and function This product is part of the Aastra communication solution. Aastra is an open, modular and comprehensive communication solution for the business sector with several communication servers of different output and expan- sion capacity, a comprehensive telephone portfolio and a multitude of expansions. Page 9 Product information Protection against listening in and recording The Aastra communication solution comprises features which allow calls to be monitored and recorded without the call parties noticing.

Please note that these fea- tures can only be used in compliance with national data protection provisions. The relevant user information has been compiled with the utmost care.

The functions of the Aastra products have been tested and approved after comprehensive con- formity tests. Nonetheless, errors cannot be entirely excluded. The manufacturers shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused by incorrect handling, improper use, or any other faulty behaviour.

Page Dialling And Phoning Dialling and phoning The following sections explain how to make phone calls simply and the func- tions your phone offers you whenever you receive a call. Answering calls Page Answering Calls Dialling and phoning Answering calls This section explains the procedure for answering a call. Answering a call Your phone is ringing and the indicator LED is flashing.

To answer the call, proceed as follows. Pick up the handset. Note: If the caller's phone number is received, it is shown on the display. If the phone number is stored in the private phone book or in the system, the display also shows the corresponding name.

Page Making Calls Dialling and phoning Making calls This section explains the different ways you can make a call with your phone. Dialling with the phone number You want to call someone and key in that person's phone number. With call preparation you can enter a phone number without it being dialled auto- matically, so you have time to check the number and, if necessary, correct it.

Page Dialling With Redial Dialling and phoning Dialling with redial You want to call a person you have already called. In the last-number redial list your phone automatically stores the phone numbers of the persons you have already called, complete with their names, where available.

You can now call the person in question using this last-number redial list. Page Muting The Microphone Dialling and phoning Using your phone in hands-free mode You want other people to join the conversation or to have your hands free while mak- ing the call. The hands-free mode function activates the loudspeaker and the microphone. During a call: Press the Loudspeaker key. If you answer a call in headset mode using the Call key or Loudspeaker key, the call is provided on the headset.

Alternatively you can also answer the call by picking up the handset. Page Using The Display And Operating Elements Using the display and operating ele- ments The following sections explain how to operate your phone quickly and simply. Page Display Using the display and operating elements Display Display symbols and display text New events such as a call in your absence, a new message or activated functions e. Forwarding are signalled on the display in the idle state by a symbol or a display text.

Page Keys The configurable keys of the expansion key module Aastra M can be operated as the other configurable keys. Page Input Using the display and operating elements Input Digit keys You can use the digit keys for entering digits and passwords and for Quickdial.

The characters are assigned to the digit keys as follows. Press the relevant digit key repeat- edly until the character you want is displayed.

Page Correcting Your Input Using the display and operating elements Switching between upper and lower case You want to switch between upper and lower case while making an input in text mode. Upper-case input is automatically activated when the first letter is entered. The text mode then automatically switches to lower-case input. Use the vertical navigation key to scroll through the menu entries. Select Press the Select Page Supplementary Features Supplementary features The following sections explain the supplementary features provided by your phone for more efficient use.

Making and answering calls Page Making And Answering Calls Supplementary features Making and answering calls This section explains some convenient features provided by your phone for making a call. Dialling by name Quickdial You want to make a call by entering a name. With Quickdial you only need to press the digit keys for each letter once, even though each key is assigned several letters. Page Dialling From The Phone Book Supplementary features Dialling from the phone book You want to search a user in one of the connected phone books.

The surname and first name have to be separated by a space, for example "no s" for Noble Stephen. Ask your system administrator whether you should start with the sur- name or the first name. Page Dialling From External Phone Books Supplementary features Dialling from external phone books If you select Advanced search, you can search directly in the connected external phone books. This function is not available if no external phone book is connected.

The surname, first name and town each have to be separated by a space, for example "no s so" Your phone automatically stores the phone number of this user in a call list and the display shows Missed calls. Page 31 Supplementary features Scroll through the list until the user you want is displayed. Dialling with redial You want to call a person you have already called. Page Requesting A Callback Supplementary features Dialling with a configurable key You want to call someone whose phone number is stored under a configurable key.

You can dial the person by pressing the corresponding key. To find out how to configure a configurable key, refer to the chapter "Configuring keys", page Note: You can only have 1 callback activated at a time and only 1 callback can be expected from you. Your callback request will automatically be cancelled by the system after about half an hour. Page Answering Call Waiting Supplementary features Answering call waiting You are in a call and hear the call waiting tone.

Another user is urgently trying to reach you. You can either answer, deflect or reject the call. Answer Answering the call: Press the Answer Foxkey. Page Starting An Announcement Supplementary features Starting an announcement You want to address internal users directly via their loudspeaker — where available —, without waiting for a reply similar principle to that of an intercom system. Requirement: It is essential that the internal user has not barred his phone against announcement for configuration see the Chapter "Activating protection against call types", page If you have forgotten your PIN, your system administrator can reset it to the default setting.

Page Using Functions While In A Call Supplementary features Using functions while in a call This section explains the different options provided by your phone while you are in a call. Enquiry call during a call You want to call someone else briefly without losing your current call partner.

Then you want to resume your conversation with your original call partner. Page Making A Conference Call Supplementary features Brokering between an enquiry call party and your call partner You are talking with an enquiry call party and have your original call partner on hold.

You want to be able to switch back and forth between the two. In an enquiry call you can use the brokering function to switch back and forth between an enquiry call party and the party on hold. Page Transferring A Call Partner Supplementary features Transferring a call partner You want to put your call partner through to someone else.

With the Enquiry call function you can connect your call partner with someone else. You can connect internal and external users with one another. Recording a call You want to record an active call with your call partner. Page 41 Supplementary features Call recording only starts when the connection is set up. Therefore, no ring-back tones or wait tones are recorded. Call recording is temporarily interrupted during an enquiry and an e-mail is sent with the recording made up till then.

Contact your system administrator for more information. Calls for you are to be forwarded to a different destina- tion e. With call forwarding you can forward incoming calls directly to a different destination. Both your own phone and the other destination will then start ringing.

The system configuration determines whether or not there is a ringing delay at the other destina- tion. You want any internal user who calls you to get a text message. The user hears the busy tone and obtains a text message on his display.


Aastra 5370 User Manual

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Aastra is an exclusive digital phone for Aastra , or Aastra IntelliGate systems, offering a wide range of advanced features. The Aastra is a terminal with advanced features. It can be used as an operator telephone line keys and can be extended with an additional keyboard. The 12 programmable keys are available for equipment, control and alarm functions.


Aastra 5370

The Office Aastra digital Phone offers an advanced range of telephony features. The is an advanced feature Phone terminal. It can be used as a desktop key Phone line keys ; and it can be extended with an additional button keypad. Together with a Phone headset, the digital phone is also suitable for call centre agents and cubicle workers.

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