Team Canada. With 54 Olympic medals, Canada has enjoyed more trips to the podium in athletics than in any other sport. To reach their main goal, they should combine the use of strength, speed and agility. Calvin Bricker is the only Canadian Olympic medallist in this event, with one bronze at London and one silver at Stockholm Similar to the long jump, in the triple jump — salto triplo — the athletes run down the track and performs a hop, a bound and then a jump into the sand pit. Part of the program since first modern Olympic Games, the salto triplo was consisted of two hops on the same foot and a jump back at Athens

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What is ""o lançamento de martelo"" in American English and how to say it?

Hey there! Stay with us! Do you already know any words for in Portuguese? Pay attention to the accent and try to copy it. If you like sports and especially the Olympic Games , check out our Youtube Channel.


Athletics in Portuguese

American English hammer throw. More "Atletismo" Vocabulary in American English. Brazilian Portuguese. I start.

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