Here is the simple truth. Battery companies are in the business of selling you batteries. If you had a lead acid battery for example that lasted for 50 years without needing to be replaced, that would sabotage their profits. This isn't some wild conspiracy theory, it is just common sense business.

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Peter Lindemann maintains a web site at emediapress. Lindemann also maintains a web site dedicated to his e- book Save On Home Energy save- on- home- energy. The first of these, Battery Secrets, discusses the problems with commercial battery rechargers. Lindemann asserts that these chargers are actually designed to reduce the life of a rechargeable battery, and he discusses what you as a battery user can do about it. The second, Magnet Secrets , is about magnets and some of their unorthodox uses.

These include improving gas mileage in your car, softening water without use of chemicals, reducing refrigeration bills, and a number of other applications. Lessons in Advanced Perception has to do with meditation and other methods of developing psychic and paranormal perception. At first glance, all of this is an interesting mixed bag of ideas and techniques. Some of them are more mainstream than others, obviously. The books by Lindemann himself seem to be fairly conventional for the most part, involving not- so- controversial methods for improving energy efficiency and the performance of batteries.

Others will obviously meet with greater skepticism from many readers , particularly the works on etheric energy but also including the books on developing mind power. The theme linking them all together is that all these books present ideas and methods that have a hint of rebellion against either corporate or government authority or both. Skip to content.


Battery Secrets

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Peter Lindemann Review

Just spent 1hour 15 mins of my life watching the most boring video ever, it looks like the big secret is to discharge and recharge your battery every day you may get cycles out of it that way, gosh if only I had the time and inclination to do that then. Peter Lindemann's Free Energy Newsletter. This one is 2 hours 26 mins. See you haven't wasted you life and watched the video you would know that all chargers are a conspiracy. Peter Lindemann has over 35 years experience teaching, researching and developing alternative energy technologies.


Its time to wake up to the idea that your profit margins have no conscious and that the only way to truly make this world a better place is to give this information freely2Directly under that link is a link to a zip file with a PDF that has large clear images of all the charts, etcYou could always contact John or Peter directlyIn response to the impedance resistance in the cells, the inductive collapse will produce an ever rising voltage to overcome it. It wasn't just fluffy chargeI've been building Johns chargers and charging batterys with them for 11 years and thought I have a good handle on the charging processto develop and market information products on Free Energy systemsError Oops, something went terribly wrong! At some point Peter mentioned that John let's the battery rest for a certain percentage of the pulse cycle period which most of us probably already know , but too bad he didn't mention the best pulse frequency in order to maximize the unexplainable effect he talks about when continuously cycling the batteries?! But the one that showed me the most was with low voltage but high capacitance cap dumpsFehler Oups, da ist irgendwas schief gelaufenBut what is the difference between direct coil output charging a battery and a cap pulser charging the battery with a cap that discharges at say 50 or 90V? Is the battery considered charged with negWhen someone really has a proven working device and really wants to get it out tomany peoplepossibleButlongwe continue down these paths, Tesla's true dream of a free energy for a world that is efficient and thriving will never be achievable. QHe had the credibility, fame and influence to get people to take notice, even when Morgan was screwing him financiallyYou should give people some respect and actually take some time to research the facts before making such ridiculous comments 19d25c



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