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The HP All-in-One at a glance Control panel overview Control panel features. Display icons Display sleep state Menu overview Photosmart Express Menu Copy Menu Scan Menu Fax Menu Setup Menu Help Menu Text and symbols Enter text using the keypad on the control panel Enter text using the visual keyboard Available symbols for dialing fax numbers Use the HP Photosmart Software Set your preferences General preferences Set the date and time Adjust the volume Enable faster browsing of photos Set the paper tray for p rinting from a Bluet ooth device Restore the factory defaults Play a slideshow on the display Fax preferences Set up the HP All -in-One to r edial a fa x number au tomatic ally Set tone or pulse dialing Set the fax speed Computer connection information Supported connec tion types Connect using Ethernet Connect using integrated wireless WLAN 8 Find the device name and address Use printer sharing Connect to a network Wired network setup What you need fo r a wired network.

Connect the HP All-in-One to the network Integrated wireless WLAN What you n eed for an in tegrated wi reless WLAN Connect to an integrated wirele ss WLAN Wireless ad hoc network se tup What you need fo r an ad hoc network Create a network profile for a Windows XP computer Create a network profile fo r other operating systems Connect to a wireless ad hoc network Install the software for a network connection Connect to additional computers on a network Manage your network settings Change basic network settings from the control panel Change ad vanced netw ork settings from the control panel settings Use the Embedded Web Server Network configuratio n page definitions Network glossary Fax setup Change settings on th e HP All-in-One to receive faxes Set the answer mode Set the number of rings before answer ing Chang e the answer ring patte rn for dis tinctive ringing Test your fax setup Set the fax hea der Set up speed dia ling Set up individual sp eed dial entries Set up group speed dial entries Delete speed dial entries.

Print the speed dial list Load originals Load an original in the au tomatic document f eeder Load an original on the glass Choose papers for printing and copying Recommended papers for printing and copying Recommended papers for prin ting only Papers to avoid Load paper Load full-size paper Load 10 x 15 cm 4 x 6 inch photo paper Load postcards, Haga ki, or index cards Load envelopes Load other types of paper Avoid paper jams Print from a software applicati on Make the HP All-in-One the defaul t printer Change the print settings for the current job Set the paper size Set the paper type for printing View the print resolu tion Change the print spee d or quality Change the page orientation Scale the document size Change the saturation, brig ht ness, or color tone Preview your print job Change the default print settings Printing shortcuts Create printing shortcut s Delete printing shortcuts.

Perform special print jobs Print a borderless image Print a photo on phot o paper



The HP All-in-One at a glance Control panel overview Control panel features. Display icons Display sleep state Menu overview Photosmart Express Menu


HP Photosmart C7250 All-in-One Printer Manuals

Make sure you have the latest Catalina version Check now. Check our tips and fixes! Serial number:. Product number:.

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