Photography is essentially about creating beautiful imagery. Featuring an astonishing Add to that the EOS D's full compatibility with the comprehensive Canon EOS system of over 70 interchangeable lenses and a wide range of accessories from Speedlite flashes to battery grips, this is a camera even professional photographers can appreciate. But then again, why let the professionals have all the fun?

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Fn II: Image page 63 - C. Fn-5 Highlight tone priority page 64 - C. Quick Links. See also: Installation Manual. Table of Contents. Digital photo professional 3. Imagebrowser 6. This is called "Live View shooting. Set the shooting mode. The sun's heat can aamage me camera's internal componen[s.

Live View shooting will disable a few Custom Function settings. Doing so can cause irregular or unmtenaea exposures. FE lock and modeling flash with an external Speedlite cannot be used. If you want precise focusing, magnify the image and focus manually. Also, achieving focus may be more difficult than with Quick mode. Page 15 Handy Features Silencing the Beeper You can prevent the beeper from sounding when focus is achieved or during self-timer operation. Select [Off], then press Card Reminder This prevents shooting if there is no card in the camera.

Page 16 Handy Features Setting the Auto Power-off Time To save battery power, the camera turns off automatically after the set time of idle operation elapses. You can set tMs auto power-off time. The captured images are assigned a sequential file number from to and saved in one folder. You can change how the file number is assigned. This is convenient if you want to organize images according to cards. However, if the replacement card contains images recorded previously, the file numbering of the new images might continue from the file numbering of the existing images in the card.

Page 19 Handy Features Auto image Rotation Vertical images are rotated automatically so they are displayed vertically on the camera's LCD monitor and personal computer instead of horizontally. The setting of this feature can be changed. Under the [t? Select [Clear settings].

Page 22 Handy Features Preventing the LCB Monitor from Turning off Automatically TMs prevents the display-off sensor from turning off the shooting settings display automaticafly when your eye nears the viewfinder eyepiece. Semect [LCD auto off].

The menu for the external Speedlite will be applicable only to EXosedes SpeedJites whose functions can be set with the camera. Select [Fmash control]. Flash exposure compensation may be necessary depending on the scene, so this is for advanced users.

Turn off the camera and the television before connecting them. Page 36 Protecting images Protecting the image prevents it from being erased accidentally. Select [Protect images]. Image protect icon Protect the image. Page 37 Erasing images You can either select and erase images one by one or erase them in one batch. Protected images p. Once an image is erased, it cannot be recovered.

Make sure you no Jonger need the image before erasing it, To prevent important images Protect Exposure compensation amount.. Flash exposure.. FoJder number - File number compensation amount ,Histogram Shutter speed.. Page 39 Shooting Information Display About the Histogram The brightness histogram display shows the exposure level distribution, overall brightness, and gradation.

And the RGB histogram display is for checking the color saturation and gradation. The Web site below gives more information on using your Canon camera with various printers, such as which paper types to use. Set up the printer. Some settings might not be available. For details, see the printer's instruction manual. Semeet the image to be printed. If you need not set printing effects, go to step 5.

You can then adjust the printing effect. Do the trimming right before printing. If you set the trimming and then set the print settings, you may have to set the trimming again. They cannot be set individually for each image. Setting the Printing Options Semect [Print order]. Multiple, thumbnail images are printed on Index one sheet. Both Date [On] imprints the recorded date on the print. File No. This is called direct image transfer. Pull out the cable by grasping the plug instead of the cord.

Transferring images to a Personal Computer The images sent to the personal computer will be saved in the [My Pictures] folder or [Pictures] folder in subfolders organized according Page 58 Customizing You can customize various camera features to suit your picture-taking preferences.

You can do it with Custom Functions. Custom Functions can be set and used only in Creative Zone modes. Custom Function No. Fn i: Exposure, C. Fn ii: image, C. Fn ili: Auto focustDrive, C. This [Auto] setting is effective in most cases. The gradation between the grays and highlights becomes smoother. With Setting i ithe Settable [SO speed [ange wil! Also, the ISQ speed displayed in the viewfinder, will have the '! Semeet [My Menu settings].

Select [Register]. Page 68 Reference This chapter provides reference information for camera features, system accessories, etc. The back of this chapter also has an index to make it easier to took up things.

Connect the power cord. Page 72 Remote Controt Shooting Using the Eyepiece COver if you take a picture without looking at the viewfinder, light entering the eyepiece can throw off the exposure. To prevent this, use the eyepiece cover attached to the camera strap. In other words, it is like a higho output flash attached externally in place of the builtqn flash.

Be sure to test the flash unit beforehand to make sure it synchronizes properly with the camera. Page 76 Menu Settings t? Auto Manual.. Standard Portrait.. User Defined.. Center-weighted average Program shift.. Exposure compensation.. AE lock Depth-0f-fbld preview.. Single Continuous 10 sec. Page 79 Troubleshooting Guide does not resolve the problem, contact your dealer or nearest Canon Service Center.

Page 80 Troubleshooting Guide No images be shot recorded. Page 82 [f the same error keeps occurring, there may be a probJemo Write down the error code and consuJt your nearest Canon Service Center. Page 87 Specifications Exposure Contro! Page 93 Follow these safeguards use the equipment properly to prevent injury, death, material damage, To prevent fire, excessive heat, chemical leakage, and explosions, follow safeguards betow: - Do not use any batteries, power sources, and accessories not specified in this booklet.

Do not use any home-made or modified batteries. Doing so may cause fire or a health hazard. If the product does not work properly or requires repair, contact your dealer or your nearest Canon Service Center. Page 95 If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment.


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