Objective: To evaluate the results of arthroscopic releases performed in patients with adhesive capsulitis refractory to conservative treatment. Methods: This was a retrospective study, conducted between and , which included 56 shoulders 52 patients that underwent surgery; 38 were female, and 28 had the dominant side affected. The mean age was 51 years. The mean follow-up was 65 months and the mean preoperative time was 8. According to Zukermann's classification, 23 cases were considered primary and 33 secondary. With the patient in the lateral decubitus position, circumferential release of the joint capsule was performed: joint debridement; rotator interval opening; coracohumeral ligament release; anterior, posterior, inferior, and finally antero-inferior capsulotomy.

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Drogas e volume a serem utilizados no BNSE. Wassef 21 , Wertheim e Rovestine 10 e Dangoisse e col. Checucci e col. Feigl e col. Jerosch e col. Meier e col. Allen ZA, Shanahan EM, Crotty M - Does suprascapular nerve block reduce shoulder pain following stroke: a double-blind randomized controlled trial with masked outcome assessment.

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Clinical Evaluation of Arthroscopic Treatment of Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis

No entanto, alguns relatos indicaram que muitos pacientes podem ficar com dor residual e amplitude de movimento limitada durante anos. Idiopathic adhesive capsulitis: a prospective functional outcome study of nonoperative treatment. J Bone Joint Surg Am. Frozen shoulder: a long-term follow-up. The effectiveness of interventions in the management of patients with primary frozen shoulder.


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