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Caterpillar G Integrated Tool Carrier. Imperial Metric. Dimensions Dimensions. B Width Over Tires. D Wheelbase. E Ground Clearance.

F Hinge Pin Max Height. K Max Lift Height. I Fork Tine Length. Height - Top Of Hood. Height - Top Of Exhaust Stack. Height - Center Of Axle. Dump Angle At Maximum Lift. Length - Rear Axle To Bumper. Digging Depth. Overall Height. Overall Height - Bucket Raised. Overall Length. Rack Back Angle - Carry. Rack Back Angle - Ground. Rack Back Angle - Maximum Lift. Wheel Base. Wheel Base Length.

Carry Height. Width - Over Tires. Bucket Pin Height - Maximum Lift. Specifications Engine. Engine Make. Engine Model. Gross Power. Net Power. Rated Net Power. Sae J 2. Iso 2. Sae J 1. Iso 1. Maximum Net Power - Rpm. Operating Weight.

Fuel Capacity. Cooling System Fluid Capacity. Engine Oil Capacity. Transmission Fluid Capacity. Front Diff Fluid Capacity. Rear Diff Fluid Capacity. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity. Turning Radius. Operating Voltage. Alternator Supplied Amperage. Static Tipping Load - Bucket. Static Tipping Load - Forks. Static Tipping Load - Material Handler. Tire Size. Transmission Type. Number Of Forward Gears.

Number Of Reverse Gears. Max Speed Forward. Max Speed Reverse. Forward - 1. Reverse - 1. Steering Angle - Each Direction. Minimum Turning Radius - Over Tires. Steering Cylinder, Two, Bore. Maximum Working Pressure. Steering Articulation. Tread Width. Optional Counterweight. Maximum Weight. Bucket Capacities. Bucket Width. Hydraulic System. Pump Type. Relief Valve Setting. Pump Flow Capacity. Raise Time. Dump Time.

Lower Time. Breakout Force. Bucket Capacity - Heaped. Bucket Capacity - Struck. Axle Oscillation. Operating Specifications. Static Tipping Load - Full Turn. Dump Clearance. Articulation Angle. Service Refill Capacities. Cooling System. Fuel Tank. Hydraulic Tank. Hydraulic System - Including Tank. Loader Hydraulic System. Pump Flow - Implement Pump. Lower, Empty, Float Down. Bore 1. Stroke 1. Bore 2. Stroke 2. Hydraulic Cycle Time.

Relief Pressure - Implement Pump. JCB ZX.


Caterpillar 930G Integrated Tool Carrier

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Caterpillar 930G



Caterpillar 930G Wheel Loader




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