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Teacher Stefano Contadini. Credits 3. Teaching Mode Traditional lectures. Language Italian. Learning goals : Basic principles of computer science; problem solving approach - acquisition of techniques and methodologies for the algorithmic resolution. Design and analysis of efficient data structures and algorithms. General techniques for building and analyzing algorithms. Usage of a specific imperative programming for the concrete implementation of the outlined solving techniques.

Obtained skills: Ability to set up the schema and the realization of solving algorithms using C as programming language. Ability to set up programs programming in-the-small according to the principles of modular organization. The course is comprehensive of exercise sessions and in depth study of common design techniques and implementation practices. Basic concepts on elaboration systems. Basic concepts on assembly languages and high level programming languages; The C programming language: values, types, constants, variables, pointers, control flow, functions, procedures, arrays, strings, lists, structures, files.

Organization of the programs source on multiple files. Fundamental principles of algorithms design and implementation. Iteration and recursion. Runtime support of the C language. Runtime representation of the programs; activation record of the functions. Dynamics allocation of the memory for scalar values, structures and arrays. Ceri, D. Mandrioli, L. Kelley, I. Bellini, A. During the lessons the generic issues about the programming in-the-small techniques using the imperative language C are discussed.

The course is supported by laboratory sessions. Each lab session is practical and individual: they are organized in a way that let the student apply to concrete problems the solving techniques explained during the lessons in classroom. See the website of Stefano Contadini. Search Search Close. People Structures Close. My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Send to friend. Search Course unit catalogue.

Course contents Basic concepts on elaboration systems. C Language H. Deitel, J. Assessment methods Exercises proposed during the lessons. Tutored exercitations and labs. Written final examination.


Deitel - C++ Fondamenti Di Programmazione

A limited-function version of the compiler, which allows one to compile source code and view any resulting error messages, but not to produce executable programs, is available from the company's web site. The compiler is available for both Unix and Microsoft Windows platforms. Comeau also offers custom ports to other platforms, albeit that this is substantially more expensive than buying existent versions of the compiler. As of September , version 4. The company website appears to have been sold to an unrelated blogger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deitel; Paul J.


17448 - Fundamentals of Computer Science

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover.

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