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Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Graficas de Tufte. Uploaded by lumeqaz. Document Information click to expand document information Description: Las mejores graficas de Tufte, por ejemplo lineas de tiempo, graficos espaciales, mapas geograficos. Date uploaded Oct 05, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: Las mejores graficas de Tufte, por ejemplo lineas de tiempo, graficos espaciales, mapas geograficos.

Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Bernays por Isabel Ruiz. Jump to Page. Search inside document. And likewise a graphic easily reveals point A, a wildshot obser- vation that will dominate standard statistical calculations.

Note that point A hides in the marginal distribution but shows up as clearly exceptional in the bivariate scatter. Stephen S. Brie and Stephen E. Of course, statistical graphics, just like statistical calculations, are only as good as what goes into them.

An ill-specified or prepos- terous model or a puny data set cannot be rescued by a graphic or by calculation , no matter how clever or fancy. New York stock prices Barron's average. Solar Radiation, inverted, and C. London stock prices, all by months, after Garcia Mata and Shaffner Let us turn to the practice of graphical excellence, the efficient communication of complex quantitative ideas.

Excellence, nearly always of a multivariate sort, is illustrated here for fundamental graphical designs: data maps, time-series, space-time narrative designs, and relational graphics.

These examples serve several purposes, providing a set of high-quality graphics that can be discussed and sometimes even redrawn in constructing a theory of data graphics, helping to demonstrate a descriptive terminology, and telling in brief about the history of graphical development. Most of all, we will be able to see just how good statistical graphics can be. Dewey and Edwin F. Only a picture can carry such a volume of data in such a small space.

For example, the authors report: In certain situations. For example, Salem County, New Jersey, leads the nation in bladder cancer mortality among white men.

Afer the finding was communicated so New Jersey health officials, a company in the area reported that at least workers in a single plant had developed bladder cancer during the last so years. It is urgent that surveys of cancer risk and programs in cancer control be initiated among workers and former workers in this area.? Bach county's rte is located in ovo dimensions and, farther, atleast four numbers would be necessary t0 rec steuet the size and shape of each county.

In highest decile, statistically significant Significanly high, bue rot in highest decile In highest decile, but not statically significant No significantly diferent from US.

Mason, Frank W. McKay, and Joseph F. Blot, and Joseph F. Fraumeni, Je. Washington, D. The six maps shown here were redesigned and redrawn by Lawrence Fahey and Edward Tufte. All types of cancer, white females; age-adjusted rate by county, All types of cancer, white males; age-adjusted rate by county, More From lumeqaz.

Isabel Ruiz Mora. Rosane H Marquez.


ISBN 13: 9788480882132

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Graficas de Tufte


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