The National Building Code of Canada NBC contains requirements regarding the engineering design of structural wood products and systems. The first edition of CSA O86 was published in , with ten subsequent revisions and updates to the standard, with the most recent edition published in , with updates in and CSA O86 provides criteria for the structural design and evaluation of wood structures or structural elements. It is written in the limit states design LSD format and provides resistance equations and specified strength values for structural wood products, including: graded lumber, glued-laminated timber, cross-laminated timber CLT , unsanded plywood, oriented strandboard OSB , composite building components, light-frame shearwalls and diaphragms, timber piling, pole-type construction, prefabricated wood I-joists, structural composite lumber SCL products, permanent wood foundations PWF , and their structural connections. The CSA O86 provides rational approaches for structural design checks related to ultimate limit states, such as flexure, shear, and bearing, as well as serviceability limit states, such as deflection and vibration.

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It is presented in limit states design LSD format, and supersedes the previous editions published in , , , , , , , , and , including their Supplements. Supplements to each of these editions were published in , , and , respectively. Although the edition was also based on the LSD method, the O86 designation was reinstated. Changes in this edition include the following: - Clause 8 has been added for CLT in compression and out-of-plane bending applications; - Clause Scope 1. This Standard employs the limit states design method.

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