Navy and U. Marine Corps aviation personnel. NATOPS is a positive approach toward improving combat readiness and achieving a substantial reduction in the aircraft accident rate. Standardization, based on professional knowledge and experience, provides the basis for development of an efficient and sound operational procedure.

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Culinary Arts. Art History. Other Fine Arts. Knowledge Rehab. National Capitals. People You Should Know. Sports Trivia. Tarot Cards. Who Is It For? CATCC shall be manned 1. Flight Plans required for:. Terminate ashore 2. Proceed across ADIZ boundaries and are not covered by a flight advisory. Proceed over land Flight advisories shall be filed for flights within ADIZ boundaries by all ac that will land back on board ship and not covered by a flight plan.

Concurrent Flight Ops. Each ship should remain in its assigned disposition in order to reduce air traffic coordination problems. Air Transfer Officer. Responsible to air officer for the safe and orderly flow of pax, mail and cargo on and off carriers by aircraft. Landing Signals Enlisted. Under supervision of air officer, ensures helos are safely started, engaged, launched, recovered and shut down. Control Criteria Cases.

Case I: When it is anticipated that flights will not encounter instrument conditions during daytime departures, recoveries and the ceiling and visibility in the carrier control zone are no lower than ft and 5nm respectively. Case II: When it is anticipated the flights may encounter instrument conditions during a daytime departure or recover, and the ceiling and visibility in the carrier control zone are no lower than ft and 5nm resepectively. Case III: When it is anticipated that flights will encounter instrument conditions during a departure or recovery because the ceiling or visibility in the carrier control zone are lower than ft and 5nm respectively; or a nighttime departure or recovery.

Degrees of Control. Positive, Advisory, Monitor and Nonradar. Positive Control. Shall be utilized: 1. Ceiling of less than ft for helos ft fixed 2. Forward vis of 1nm or less for helos 5nm fixed 3. All flights between. During mandatory letdown in thunderstorm area. Other situations where supervisory personnel can anticipate weather phenomena that might cause difficulty to pilots.

All aircraft are considered under positive communication control while operating at sea unless otherwise directed. Advisory Control. Shall be utilized when traffic density in an operating area requires higher degree of control for safety of flight than required under visaul flight rules.


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