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An AcOutputObjectType constant indicating the type of object to export. The name of the object to export. If omitted, Access exports the active object of type ObjectType. An AcFormat constant indicating the export format. A Boolean that determines whether the application that handles OutputFile should open and load the file. Its default value is False. XML does not have an intrinsic constant in Access If the OutputFormat and OutputFile arguments are omitted, Access prompts for the export file type and export filename, respectively.

If AutoStart is True, the application launched to handle the exported file is defined by the system registry. Generally, the exported files appear to be much more robust than in some previous versions of Access. I was unable to get IIS. Except for an ASP page, which uses ADO to retrieve live data from the database, all exported files contain static data; they provide a snapshot of the data at a given point in time. Previous page. Table of content. Next page. Authors: Michael Vine.

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OutputTo Method. Now, previously pre Office , the basic format to export a query to Excel format was simply:. So your code would thus become:. Nothing could be easier!


How to Output a dynamically filtered Access report to PDF

A string expression that's the valid name of an object of the type selected by the ObjectType argument. If you want to output the active object, specify the object's type for the ObjectType argument and leave this argument blank. If you run Visual Basic code containing the OutputTo method in a library database, Microsoft Access looks for the object with this name, first in the library database, then in the current database. A string expression that's the full name, including the path, of the file you want to output the object to. If you leave this argument blank, Microsoft Access prompts you for an output file name. Use True —1 to start the appropriate Microsoft Windows—based application immediately, with the file specified by the OutputFile argument loaded. Use False 0 if you don't want to start the application.

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