Robert — Elliott Wave Principle Forex. List on read more Trading Balan. September 14, at 8: Here is a start for Elliott waves. Wafe Wave traders take calculated risks at key levels With hind sight it all looks so good, but how fipetype earth can one figure out that we will not break directly down? Additionally, a potential allelopathic effect of mulching with invasive Prunus serotina leaves on native Quercus petraea growth and photosynthesis was tested.

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Printable Version. Attachments: Elliot Wave Analysis. Exit Attachments. Elliot Wave Analysis. Jun 12, am Jun 12, am. Joined Nov Status: Member 1, Posts. Gold: For the collection of practical Elliott wave patterns: Expanding Flat example as of today Sixer. Attached Image. Hello My Friend please introduce me a book or article with subject Eliot Wave thanks.

Start here: After this you should do your own counting!! Jun 24, pm Jun 24, pm. Quoting RadioForex. Edited at am Jun 26, am Edited at am. Granted, easier said than done, but the advantages are worth it. Balan gives you on top, a complete EW pattern guideline. Each lot gets sold, rebought, or reversed according to solid EW principles. The higher the time frame the easier it is to pinpoint the entries.

Each move needs careful study. He risks roughly US and makes some in 6 months or so. This is 20 years ago, just take a chart and back test it, using the technique, add the profits. Jul 2, pm Jul 2, pm. I draw the time square in red in the first , weekly chart,more than a week ago. Same in the day chart.

Note it turned one day after te maximum time span. When the time was reached, reinforced by the fibo levels deleted now , I went short on the 4H. Now if you look at the dayly chart, it has a red square, for the minimum time for it to keep on going down. The square is drawn using the overlapping bars on the indi window below. Attached Images click to enlarge. Attached Image click to enlarge. Always Your chart color makes eye strain. So mostly avoiding.

I think others also will feel same. Jul 3, am Jul 3, am. Quoting EnrichWave. Jul 4, am Jul 4, am. I missed this one, the red box was drawn days before, an overlap of the line segments below Time bands, Time Rythm Zone , notice I added the highest score of the Trading range, time routine of the software.

Basically, you pick a time frame, better 2 or 3 , let the software give you the highest statistics for a time period, for a trend change. Refine with a lower TF. Once you are trigerred into the trade pick your favourite trigger , you let the software calculate the next time, with the highest statisticall value, for an end of the new trend Of course, you add all you have in terms of: pattern EW , price Fibos , momentum. This time filter works, based on historical stats. And of course, nothing is perfect.

My last 9 trades were winners. Obviously, a looser might be right around the corner. Just part of the business. I traded the 12H, and charts, after the time for a daily low was reached, already closed with a profit. Jul 7, am Jul 7, am. Attached Images.

Jul 11, am Jul 11, am. Jul 13, am Jul 13, am. Talking about MM position size and pyramiding. Using the indi I share, which signals the entries, according to B. Wiiliams book 5 or 6 different types of entries, you need to read the book or find the entries and Indies online to understand it.

If you like the idea, just calculate the amount of entries and profit for the next move down, red trend line down. Alltogether, 2 Big fat campaigns. Obviously, the issue is, how did one know there would be a trend change on both campaigns? I use my EW, and most important, Timing tools I mentioned before, they work like a beauty. Obviously, nothing is perfect, but as the old truth in trading says "kep your profits big and loosers small". Attached File. Jul 14, am Jul 14, am. Joined Jun Status: Member Posts.

Quoting Sixer. Jul 14, pm Jul 14, pm. Inserted Video. Jul 15, pm Jul 15, pm. Joined Sep Status: Member 7 Posts. Hello, guys! Here is my chart. I stay on the way with triangle in wave [b] of 2. And YES, i think that's a zig-zag correction in big wave 2. About goals of this correction: because of long [5] of, correction of wave 2 can touch the low of [4] in 1 - 0.

But minimum conditions for wave 2 with zig-zag in it, will be overlow the 0. And if we draw the correction channel, it also can move down to central line may be with a little 'thrust' to 0. Generally, all of this things depend on what kind of wave was in this first part [a]. Maybe I'm wrong, and this was double three or smth like that What do you think, guys??

Very interesting to listen another view on this chart. Jul 18, am Jul 18, am. Netflix shares after 2nd qua. Jul 23, am Jul 23, am. I will still share my ideas, I guess it is a good exercise for myself. Like I mentioned im a fan of B.

Williams, he wrote 3 books, and what I do is pick up the best from each, in my opinion , after backtesting them. Actually I took this trade, made 1,8 R which is fine To be continued..


Elliott Wave Principle Applied To The Foreign Exchange Markets - Robert Balan

Robert — Elliott Wave Principle Forex. List on read more Trading Balan. Please when you have, a moment can you please email me Fig 5a and Fig6b as these two aave did not download into my kindle. Hi Rahul, The book is only available in Digital format.


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Balan Robert-Elliott Wave Principle





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