Press ARKAS HOLDING Arkas is a company that has been in existence since and currently operates in many different fields, including, agency services, ship operations, port operations, logistics services that integrate sea, land, rail and air transportation as main fields and bunkering, automotive, insurance services, information systems and tourism. Arkas Holding currently operates in 23 countries with 61 offices, 14 of which are located in Turkey. Arkas, in its 66 subsidiaries around the world, provides employment for people. Arkas has also a partnership with DB Schenker, the leading overland and rail transporter in Europe, since. Especially in the shipping industry, there is the issue of blockchain processes still not being transparent enough due to the stiff conservationist policies by many countries. And yet, this will also change over time allowing a smoother interaction between the end user and the logistics agent.

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Fortissimo Films looks set to return, in a major boost to the independent film sector. According to multiple sources, the Hong Kong and Amsterdam-based sales outfit, which filed for bankruptcy last summer, is set to be acquired by new Chinese owners, thought to be Hehe Pictures Corporation. Hehe Pictures, which is partly owned by Alibaba Group, is one of the leading media companies in China. If Hehe does become the owner of Fortissimo, it will have the resources to quickly re-establish the sales outfit as a major player in the independent film market.

Videocine holds Mexican and Latin American rights. The cast features Veronica Echegui, Ashley Hinshaw and. Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson. Wild Bunch has boarded sales on upcoming documentary Prince: Pop Life, capturing the music, life and legacy of the music legend, who died in April. The documentary will use exclusive archive footage, fresh interviews and will be presented as a road trip taking in Paris, Los Angeles and New York.

Joann Sfar will create animated segments. In post-production, Flammable Children follows a teenager in a small Australian town during the s when a blue whale washes up on a local beach. Minogue and Pearce play eccentric parents. Al Clark and Jamie Hilton produce. The Cannes Competition hit and Oscar nominee is being remade by Paramount, which has not yet attached a writer or director. Ade will executive produce the English-language remake alongside original German producers Jonas Dornbach and Janine Jackowski.

Wendy Mitchell. Vanessa Paradis and Xavier Beauvois are also in the cast. Gaumont is also rolling out Belle And Sebastian: Friends For Life, the third and final instalment in the family franchise.

Global Screen GmbH Sonnenstr. Noah is Gone Great entertainment for the whole family! A high-concept Sci-Fi-thriller with relatable characters on a nerve-wrecking journey. A daring adventure from family entertainment specialist A fresh and entertaining, yet deeply touching 3D animated Caligari Film about friendship and about what it means to be feature, based on an award winning screenplay.

From the a hero. Based on a fantastic screenplay full of verbal gags, action and adventure, it is to be great entertainment for a wide family audience. Hitoshi One Bakuman has adapted the TV series. Now in production, the film tells the story of two young boys and a girl whose fates become intertwined one summer day. The Japanese release is scheduled for August.

Crowdpleasing Sundance opener Pop Aye — about a disenchanted architect who sets out on a trip across Thailand with his childhood elephant — is proving a hit with buyers. Kino Lorber announced it had. The Thailand-set film is the debut feature of Singaporean director Kirsten Tan. Directed by Na Hyun, it stars. Kim plays a troubled former police inspector who is sent to jail after a hit-and-run accident and learns the facility is controlled by a crime syndicate.

Foresight Unlimited will introduce the title to buyers in Berlin today. Daniel Mays and Mark Gatiss star. Frederick Schmidt stars. The feature directorial debut of Glaswegian filmmaker Eirene Houston explores the evolution of the Cuban people through their passion for dancing, and the roots of the son and salsa styles.

Melanie Goodfellow. The family film is set for a wide release in French cinemas in winter and will also be distributed in Andorra and Monaco, French-speaking parts of Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg as well as Francophone Africa.

Aaron Watson produces for Sabertooth Films. Storytelling Media will release in Norway on March Nordisk is also scaling up and for some projects we will be working closely together. One project already announced on the TV side is dystopian series Last Light.

She manages eight people including newly promoted senior sales manager Nicolai Korsgaard and Silje Glimsdal, who will be in charge of incoming projects. This year it will include TV series in addition to films as works-inprogress and completed screenings, and expand one-onone meetings. Toronto-based Mongrel International has closed key territories on Yiddish-language Forum selection and recent Sundance world premiere Menashe. Sophie Dulac Distribution has acquired the drama.

Mongrel Media will release in Canada. It screens here on Sunday. Whilst on holiday, his wife is mysteriously abducted by a group of renegade, ship-less pirates. With little assistance from local authorities Turk is forced to embark on a mission to rescue his wife.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spends a few turbulent months escaping the frustrating, privileged elite of Vienna. However his unconventional presence soon unleashes a series of dramatic and tragic events. Then you lose it. The tonal shift in the sequel compared to the original means that, although there are plenty of moments of savage humour, the highs are just not quite so high any more.

There is a melancholy maturity, however, which is satisfying in its own way. Mark Tildesley bring a dirty, sexy, colour-saturated energy to the picture — and the name appeal of McGregor and Boyle will add to its drawing power.

The plot sees Renton returning to Edinburgh to face two of the three friends he robbed at the end of the last film. Meanwhile Sick Boy Jonny Lee Miller , or Simon as he is now known, is running a failing pub, with a sideline in blackmail, and Begbie Robert Carlyle is still safely behind bars — or so Renton believes. The writing, by returning screenwriter John Hodge, retains the satirical bite of the original film and manages to mock nostalgia while also embracing it — after all, it is unlikely this sequel would exist were it not for the misty affection of a whole generation who grew up with the first movie.

Indeed, it is unusually closely tied to the original film, a closeness that manifests itself in several ways. The most overt, and jarring, of these is the decision to cut in clips from the first film. While the two pictures have much in common, tonally they are different beasts and each. More successful are the wry nods and playful references, which work particularly well within the music.

In the most audacious moment, Renton revisits his childhood bedroom for the first time after his year exile. Like the first film, T2 is structured episodically, like a string of slightly disjointed stoner anecdotes. These routes meet to largely rousing effect in his latest trip, where fly-on-the-bus snapshots of touring life for north London indie-rockers Wolf Alice combine with the warmly played fictional tale of a tour-bus fling.

Throughout, Winterbottom adopts an observational rather than interrogative approach, but back-stories are not explored and touring troubles are presented as matter-of-fact hiccups, not high dramas. More intimate material emerges from a fictional plot about an affair between a management rep Leah Harvey and a young-but-grizzled tourhand James McArdle , though this strand proves less meaty than the main material. Winterbottom scores most points with his boisterous, bawdy and beery portrait of an indie band forging ahead the old-school way, and the soundtrack justifies the climactic impression of bigger things ahead.

A traditional rite of passage is the catalyst for exploring conflicting notions of what it means to be a man in The Wound Inxeba , an assured first feature from writer-director John Trengove. The initial promise of a South African Brokeback Mountain broadens into a measured consideration of class, race, self-loathing and self-assertion in a compact but complex drama that should be especially welcomed by LGBT audiences and niche distributors.

Trengove makes it clear that Xolani is more emotionally invested in the relationship, gazing on his lover with a puppy-dog devotion that the brawny, married Vijami seems unable to reciprocate. Kwanda readily picks up on the bond between the two men, but Trengove avoids the obvious melodramatic option of having him threaten to expose them.

Instead, Kwanda proves unexpectedly encouraging in the way he urges Xolani to find himself a better life. The Wound is not without its predictable elements, but one of its strengths is the quality of the characters. Vijami seems to have built his gruff personality as a defence against the hint of an accusation that he is not a real man, but we come to see a more gentle, vulnerable side to him.

Xolani is also someone we come to understand in greater depth; lonely, yearning but lacking that extra confidence to escape the shackles of his own self-hatred. If the connections between the central trio are at the heart of the film, then the wider focus is very much on contrasts between urban and rural, ancient and modern, wealth and poverty.

Kwanda is constantly teased for his expensive trainers and privileged lifestyle but he also comes to embody a more forward-looking, progressive South Africa that feels increasingly like an impossible dream as the film unfolds.

At first, there are so many actors explaining their backgrounds and their character motivations that it can be overwhelming. But, slowly, fascinating patterns emerge. Everyone has opinions on who they think killed the girl, but often their logic is coloured by their own experiences.

Because Green is never seen or heard, the viewer feels an intimate connection with these strangers, who talk frankly about everything from their battles with cancer to the unlikely ways they make a living.

The mirror Casting JonBenet holds up to its subjects — and perhaps the audience — is incredibly, sometimes painfully, illuminating. An intimate study of an interconnected group of New Yorkers and the outsider who briefly upends their troubled lives, this is an idiosyncratic film about little moments of human pain and loneliness. For this reason, Golden Exits can be tough-going, and may be a tough sell.

While Nick works with Naomi in his small basement office, Alyssa fears her husband might be unfaithful. Meanwhile, Naomi seeks out a family friend, Buddy Jason Schwartzman , for companionship.

And none them appear to be remotely happy or satisfied. Rather, the film is a bitter examination of both marriage and living alone, with neither option bringing much comfort.

As international sellers arrive at the European Film Market with projects in all stages of production, Screen highlights some of the hottest titles from around the world. The project shot in a single take in the UK capital last month, while being simultaneously beamed to audiences in the UK and US. Harrelson plays himself and. CAA is repping US rights. The event coined the term for the psychological condition Stockholm Syndrome.

Shooting is expected to begin in April. Productivity Media is financing and Jason Blum is among the producers. IM Global is launching pre-sales on Serenity, a noir thriller it is fully financing.






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