Musa superba Roxb. Ensete superbum is a species of banana from India. Disease: Anthracnose Colletotrichum siamense [5] disease reported from Vithura and Kottiyur forest regions located in Kerala state of India. The leaves are bright green in colour on both sides with a deeply grooved and short petiole. The leaf sheaths are persistent at the base and leave closely set scars on the corm. The upper parts of the plant die out during the dry season leaving the corm, which forms new leaves at the beginning of the monsoon.

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For members' information. Indian Flora facebook group. Names of Plants in India site. Posting Guidelines. Role of eFI in Sc. Volunteers required. Ensete superbum Roxb. Cheesman , Kew Bull. Musa superba Roxb. India; Myanmar; Thailand; Vietnam as per Catalogue of life ;. Dave's Botanary soo-PER-bum -- superb Ensete superbum : 4 images.

Habitat: Wild. Taken at a plant nursery at Nasik on the 1st of Dec, Would go with Musa superba synonym of Ensete superbum. Yes, Ensete superbum from me too. Attachments 3. Kindly help in identification.

I just checked the net. Please check. I did not know of E. Need to get aware of any quick difference that separates it from E. I will need to check my sightings from Tung near Amby Valley. Looking at this picture it is very difficult to identify the species.

The wild bananas are germinated from seed so one can see banana seedling even on the roof of a building. Yes you are right. Just want to clarify. Ghats, it is most probably Ensete superbum.

I was a bit skeptical about E. Yes it is Ensete superbum. Here is the link to a relevant article which discusses the distribution of these wild bananas. Quoting from the article " Thank you v4ery very much Fwd: Ensete superbum Syn.

Attachments 2 - 1 mb and 3 mb. Sharing some pictures of E. Attachments 1. Ensete superbumfor sharing and validation : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments 5. Ensete superbumfor sharing and validation : 4 posts by 3 authors. Assamese name of Ensete superbum : 2 posts by 1 author. Please help me with the Assamese names for Ensete superbum syn. Musa superba Ethnobotany and distribution status of Ensete superbum Roxb. Cheesman in India: A geo-spatial review.

J Ayu Herb Med ;1 2 : 54 -5 8. Many thanks to Names of Plants in India :: Ensete superbum Roxb. Cheesman : 4 posts by 2 authors. The Plants List Version 1. They grow naturally on their own and appear less than a meter or two. Would like to know the scientific name of this plantain tree species. Date: 23 Jun Synonyms: Musa superba Roxb. India 6: , ; Cooke, Fl. Bombay 3: Musa ensete Gmel.

Ensete edule, Horan. Bailey, Man. Plants , Request for ID This produce seeds. To me looks like Ensete superbum Roxb.

Flora of Odisha-PD for Identification : 4 posts by 3 authors. Photograph taken during my last visit to Mandasur, Phulabani, Odisha. Musa balbisiana Thanks I agree with Ensete There are two species of this genus occurred in India. Let me check. Do you have any other images? Can it be Ensete superbum Roxb. Attachments 2. These Banana like plants were seen growing on the steep cliff at Karla, Lonavala. There was no way to get closer. For more details, pl. The Pillars 2.

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Family : Musaceae. Appreciated due to the big leaves and the about 50 cm broad splendid inflorescence, Ensete superbum is poorly known and quite rare in cultivation. Common names: cliff banana, rock banana, western hill banana, wild plantain English ; jungli kela Hindi ; bahuja Sanskrit ; kluai pha Thai. The Ensete superbum Roxb. Cheesman is an erect monocarpic rhizomatous herbaceous species with single stem, ,5 m tall, with pseudo stem formed by the persistent foliar bases strictly wrapping one over the other, almost conical, 0,,2 m tall with a diameter of about 70 cm at the base and 30 cm at the apex under the leaves.


The Pillars. Major contributors. How to Join. About efloraofindia. Details of some important contributors.


Common name: Rock Banana, Wild plantain. Ensete superbum is a native and endemic to Western Ghats, although, they are also found in peninsular India, Assam and Rajasthan. It has been reported to be rare and endangered species due to habitat destruction. Considering its high medicinal importance and the present status, it has been recommended for conservation under the Medicinal Plant Conservation Area. Rock banana is highly valued as an ornamental plant.

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