Ettore Majorana unveiled genius and endless mysteries. This biography sheds new light on the life and work of physicist Ettore Majorana including unpublished contributions , as well as on his mysterious disappearance in March Majorana is held by many, including Nobel Laureate, Enrico Fermi, to have been a genius of the rank of Galilei and Newton. In this intriguing story, the author, himself a leading expert on the work of Majorana , supplements the existing literature with new insights, anecdotes and personal accounts of contemporaries of Majorana.

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Ettore Majorana unveiled genius and endless mysteries. This biography sheds new light on the life and work of physicist Ettore Majorana including unpublished contributions , as well as on his mysterious disappearance in March Majorana is held by many, including Nobel Laureate, Enrico Fermi, to have been a genius of the rank of Galilei and Newton. In this intriguing story, the author, himself a leading expert on the work of Majorana , supplements the existing literature with new insights, anecdotes and personal accounts of contemporaries of Majorana.

With this volume the Italian Physical Society presents a collection of Ettore Majorana 's scientific papers note scientifiche in the original language and, for the first time - with three exceptions - translated into English. Each paper is then followed by a comment in English of an expert in the scientific field. A century after his birth Ettore Majorana is rightfully considered one of the greatest physicists of the first half of the last century. This volume will be of interest to the specialists of the History of Science and to the physicists concerned with problems related to Majorana 's contributions.

Ettore Majorana centennial and neutrino legacy. There are also those of high standing, who come to discoveries of great importance. But then there are geniuses like Galileo and Newton. Well, Ettore was one of them. Majorana had what no one else in the world has In this talk we try to put some light on this quite unusual statement by Enrico Fermi about Ettore Majorana , by exploring mainly personal notes left unpublished by the great sicilian physicist.

Some emphasis is given on recent achievements about Majorana as a research scientist as well as a teacher in Theoretical Physics. Ettore Majorana scientific papers. On occasion of the centenary of his birth. Ettore Majorana unpublished research notes on theoretical physics. These are the contents of the Quaderni notebooks of Ettore Majorana , edited and translated in English.

Ettore Majorana had an astounding talent for Physics that made an impression on all the colleagues who had the opportunity to know him. Enrico Fermi, who took him in his group when he was a student, ranked him with Galilei and Newton. This book reveals an interesting perspective over the points of view, the interests, the approach to physical problems of this great physicist and it shows that he had advanced his comprehension of physics to levels that were only reached by other physicists ten years after, or even later.

The editors have inserted minimal text, in order to leave the original calculations by Majorana intact, and at the same t It is a basic task of mathematical physics to provide a solid foundation for these developments by putting the theory in a physically transparent and mathematically rigorous form.

The lectures and seminars of the school concentrated on the many unsolved pro This book contains the lectures and the concluding discussion of the "Seminar on Safety, Environmental Impact, and Economic Prospects of Nuclear Fusion", which was held at Erice, August , In selecting the contributions to this 9th meeting held by the International School of Fusion Reactor Technology at the E.

Consequently, this edited collection of the papers presented should provide an overview of these issues. The course itself consisted of formal tutorial lectures, workshops, and informal discussions.

Lecture notes were prepared for the formal lectures, and short summaries of many of the workshop presentations were prepared. This volume is based on these lecture notes and research summaries. The material is addressed to advanced graduate students and postdoctoral researchers and assumes a background in basic solid state physics.

The course dealt with two main topics, A Exotic atoms and fundamental interactions and B Applications to the study of the structure of matter. One of the aims of the course was to offer an opportunity for the exchange of experiences between scientists working in the two fields. In view of this, the lectures in the morning discussed the more general arguments in a common session, whereas the more specialized topics were treated in the afternoon, in two parallel sections.

Section A was or Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. His scientific studies concerned almost every field in physics and had far-reaching effects of which virtually everybody, above all in Italy, is still taking advantage. Stampacchia" School of Mathematics of the "E.

An emphasis was requested on algorithmic and high performance software developments and on new computational experiences, as well as on theoretical advances. We believe that such goal was basically achieved. The Workshop was attended by 71 people from 22 countries. Besides the lectures, several formal and informal discussions took place.

We wish Majorana fermions are exotic elementary particles predicted in by Ettore Majorana. Although heavily searched for, they have never been found in nature up to date. In the past decades, with the progress in theory, theoretical physicists predicted that Majorana fermions might emerge in certain. The International School of Fusion Reactor Technology started its courses 15 years ago and since then has mantained a biennial pace.

Generally, each course has developed the subject which was announced in advance at the closing of the previous course. The subject to which the present proceedings refer was chosen in violation of that rule so as to satisfy the recent and diffuse interest in cold fusion among the main European laboratories involved in controlled thermonuclear research CTR.

In the second half of we started to prepare a workshop aimed at assessing the state of the art and possibly of the perspectives of muon- catalyzed fusion. Research in this field has recently produced exciting experimental results open to important practical applications. We thought it worthwhile to consider also the beneficial effects and problems of the polarization ofthe nuclei in both cold and thermonuclear fusion.

In preparing the 8th Course on Fusion Reactor Technology, it was necessary to abandon the tradi This book contains aseries of review papers related to the lectures given at the Third Course on Bioelectrochemistry held at Erice in November , in the framework of the International School of Biophysics. The topics covered by this course, "Charge Separation Across Biomembranes, " deal with the electrochemical aspects of some basic phenomena in biological systems, such as transport of ions, ATP synthesis, formation and maintenance of ionic and protonic gradients.

In the first part of the course some preliminary lectures introduce the students to the most basic phenomena and technical aspects of membrane bioelectrochemistry.

The remaining part of the course is devoted to the description of a selected group of membrane-enzyme systems, capable of promoting, or exploiting, the processes of separation of electrically charged entities electrons or ions across the membrane barrier. These systems are systematically discussed both from a structural and functional point of view.

The effort of the many dis Lavoro e mondializzazione: sguardi dal Nord e dal Sud Ettore Gelpi. While looking for Majorana. Ettore Majorana , born in , is considered by his peers as one of the greatest physicists ever. Still today, his theories about quantum mechanics continue to arouse admiration among the few scientists capable to understand them. His works about the atom and the nuclear interaction remain outstanding. Even in , he published a prophetical paper in which he considered the existence of a new kind of particles which could explain the dark matter enigma.

However, this young talented scientist was a shy, almost asocial person, entirely devoted to his science. He had planned and announced his disappearance. A night of March he embarked on the Napoli-Palerma boat and disappeared for ever.

In this book, the author went walking on the tracks of this genius, from Catane to Rome, Napoli and Palerma. He met some members of his family, searched in his archives and analysed his work with the hope to find a new clue capable to unravel the mystery around his vanishing. This review is based on lectures given by M. Duff summarising the far reaching contributions of Ettore Majorana to fundamental physics, with special focus on Majorana fermions in all their guises.

The theoretical discovery of the eponymous fcrmion in has since had profound implications for particlc physics, solid state and quantum computation.

The breadth of these disciplines is testimony to Majorana 's genius, which continues to permeate physics today. These lectures offer a whistle-stop tour through some limited subset of the key ideas. K-theory and the classification of stable topological states of symmetry-protected gapped free-fermion systems.

En cherchant Majorana le physicien absolu. The volume, devoted to variational analysis and its applications, collects selected and refereed contributions, which provide an outline of the field. The meeting of the title "Equilibrium Problems and Variational Models", which was held in Erice Sicily in the period June 23 - July 2 , was the occasion of the presentation of some of these papers; other results are a consequence of a fruitful and constructive atmosphere created during the meeting.

The new theoretical results allow one to improve in a remarkable way the study of significant problems arising from the applied sciences, as continuum model of transportation, unilateral problems, multicriteria spatial price models, network equilibrium Radiative Majorana Neutrino Masses. We present new radiative mechanisms for generating Majorana neutrino masses, within an extension of the standard model that successfully generates radiative charged lepton masses, order by order, from heavy sequential leptons.

Only the new sequential neutral lepton has a right-handed partner, and its Majorana mass provides the seed for Majorana neutrino mass generation. The Majorana Experiment. Aalseth, Craig E. The Majorana Collaboration is assembling an array of HPGe detectors to search for neutrinoless double-beta decay in 76Ge. Initially, Majorana aims to construct a prototype module to demonstrate the potential of a future 1-tonne experiment. The design and potential reach of this prototype Demonstrator module are presented.

Quantized Majorana conductance. Das; Kouwenhoven, Leo P. Majorana zero-modes - a type of localized quasiparticle - hold great promise for topological quantum computing. Tunnelling spectroscopy in electrical transport is the primary tool for identifying the presence of Majorana zero-modes, for instance as a zero-bias peak in differential conductance. Majorana entanglement bridge. We study the concurrence of entanglement between two quantum dots in contact to Majorana bound states on a floating superconducting island.

The distance between the Majorana states, the charging energy of the island, and the average island charge are shown to be decisive parameters for the efficiency of entanglement generation. We find that long-range entanglement with basically distance-independent concurrence is possible over wide parameter regions, where the proposed setup realizes a " Majorana entanglement bridge.

Accurate analytical expressions for the concurrence are derived both for the static and the time-dependent cases. Our results indicate that entanglement formation in interacting Majorana devices can be fully understood in terms of an interplay of elastic cotunneling also referred to as "teleportation" and crossed Andreev reflection processes.


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