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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Thisframework will help Infantry rifle company leaders effectively-- Exploit capabilities unique to the Infantry. Reduce the vulnerability of the unit. Plan and conduct full-spectrum operations.

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Skip to main content. Search Books Search. Advanced Search. Add to Wish List. This publication describes relationships, organizational roles and functions, capabilities and limitations, and responsibilities within the Infantry rifle company. Techniques, nonprescriptive ways or methods used to perform missions, functions, or tasks CJCSM They are not prescriptive. This publication supersedes FM To comprehend the doctrine contained in this publication, readers must first understand the principles of the Army profession and the Army ethic as described in ADP 1, and ADRP 1.

Readers must understand the principles of war, the nature of unified land operations, and the links between the operational and tactical levels of war described in ADP , ADRP , and FM , and FM In addition, readers should understand the fundamentals of the operations process found in ADP and ADRP , associated with offensive and defensive tasks contained in FM , and reconnaissance, security, and tactical enabling tasks contained in FM Readers must understand how the operation process fundamentally relates to the Army's military decision-making process and troop leading procedures, and the principles of mission command as described in ADP and ADRP , FM , ATP To fully comprehend how the Infantry rifle company is organized and doctrinally employed, the reader must understand ATP The principal audience for ATP This publication serves as an authoritative reference for personnel developing doctrine, materiel and force structure, institutional and unit training, and standard operating procedures for the Infantry rifle company.


Army Techniques Publication ATP 3-21.10 Infantry Rifle Company May 2018 (Paperback)




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