Shifting Dynamics. Frank Kepple. Double Life. Two Expressions. Focus Area 1. The Void.

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Shifting Dynamics. Frank Kepple. Double Life. Two Expressions. Focus Area 1. The Void. Focus Area 3. Focus Area 4. Action Equations. Fighting Fears. No Conflict. The Eternal Dance. Conscious Awareness. Alternate Reality. An Alternate Life. Lucid Dream. Multiple Time Lines. The Future. Visitor Comments Visit my Blog. What's New? Visitor Comments.

I Would Love to Hear from you! Wider Reality. No Limitations. To read Frank Kepple's posts for yourself or to find out more about his ideas visit:.

The Astral Pulse. Adjusting to those changes requires a whole new way of thinking about reality, what it is, and how it works. For some of us this shift has already taken place but many have yet to even grasp the basics. New concepts, new terms and new modes of thinking are well on their way to being established.

What seems to be needed to help this along is a common language or map. In researching the nature of consciousness I came across a forum called The Astral Pulse dedicated to exploring out of body and after death experiences. It was on this site that I discovered the posts of a man named Frank Kepple. In reading his posts I discovered that he had done extensive research into the nature of consciousness through active exploration of his personal experience.

All of the content on this site with the exception of this introduction and the What's New section was written by Frank. I like that designation as it helps us to incorporate the idea of expansion and change into our thinking about reality. Frank made over posts to the forum describing it all in detail. He started an online newsletter and format for helping others to learn his structure and organization and wrote about wanting to put his ideas into book form and then suddenly stopped posting.

The members of the forum and of his newsletter made many efforts to locate Frank and find out what had happened to him without success.

He had mentioned having some health problems and there has been a lot of speculation of what happened to him but no one really knows. The online posts he made seem to be his only legacy. I have tried to keep the articles faithful to what Frank wrote but have done some editing to make them more readable. Here is an introduction to Frank taken from The Astral Pulse : Frank Kepple Frank Kepple is an English researcher who has a long term interest in the theory and practical application of astral projection and exploration, out of body experiences and related areas of afterlife studies.

He graduated in Electronics and worked as a Science Consultant in industry for many years before taking early retirement in the South of France so as to more fully concentrate on his research. Frank first became interested in afterlife studies and the work of pioneering astral researcher and author Robert A Monroe when he came across one of his books in a second hand book shop over 20 years ago. On a whim, Frank decided to read it as he thought that the author was either completely mad or onto something.

Frank did not blindly accept everything that Monroe wrote; neither did he automatically dismiss it all: His scientific outlook led him to put Monroe's findings to the test by trying to replicate his work. Only then would he be satisfied that Monroe was indeed onto something. He never looked back! Not only did Frank replicate Monroe's work, he pushed the boundaries of Monroe's research even further.

Consciousness is multi-faceted. But they take on that challenge with their existing limited sense of consciousness.

First, they must remove the limitations within their sense of thinking, because in reality there are no limitations. This requires an extensive use of what we call imagination, although it is more than that, of course, but I'm just touching on the bare principles here.

To read Frank Kepple's posts for yourself or to find out more about his ideas visit: The Astral Pulse.


Re: [astral-projection-forum] The Frank Kepple Resource online

Although not everyone may agree with his particular worldview and theories on the afterlife, his posts contain many insights into the process of conscious transition into the world of Lucid Dreams. This document represents a selection of his posts dealing with the practical side of Lucid Dreaming. The posts are organized by topic and relevance, rather than by date. I hope this document is of use to anyone exploring this challenging and rewarding endeavor. Naturally, I cannot say whether Wave1 would definitely work for one particular person. For most of these people it must surely be a case of wondering, "Where the heck do I begin? As such, to a complete beginner, simply wanting to learn how to do controlled conscious-exit projections, I'd say that Astral Dynamics goes a bit overboard technique-wise.


Frank Kepple

Meet me on Facebook! This covers: Your generosity helps to keep our group running and is much appreciated. Exploring spirituality through self-initiated out-of-body exploration will give you a direct and powerful way to profoundly transform your understanding of your true spiritual self, the human experience, and the multidimensional Universe. Whether you've had out-of-body experiences, want to learn how to have them or are just searching for information on the phenomenon - the UK Astral Projection Forum provides a safe, supportive, friendly, learning environment, where people of like mind can come together to share thoughts and experiences. And at the core of all this activity, you'll find dynamic discussions taking place via a regularly visited and updated message board If any of the above resonates with you and you'd like to take part in this group, click the 'join us' button near the top right of this page, and take part straightaway. Or sign up with email.

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