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Business Process Frame Release notes firmware Burp Suite Professiona Windows Management Fra Abstract An Ontology F Under no circumstances will the TM Forum be liable for direct or indirect damages or any costs or losses resulting from the use of this specification.

The risk of designing and implementing products in accordance with this specification is borne solely by the user of this specification. Key Driving Forces in this Release Summary of Changes Request in this release Release Definition Document Release Description Model Release Description TM Forum Frameworx Open Issues Administrative Appendix Document History Version History Release History Introduction This document provides the overview content of the Information Framework also known as SID and it will identify the changes introduced in this current release.

For details on packaging and accessing the documents please refer to the Information Framework Read Me First note which can be found in the Getting Started Pack zip file and in the Domain Addenda zip file.

To have an overview on future work please refer to the Information Framework Charter. RN, Version 2. Key Driving Forces in this Release This release of the Information Framework Suite builds on previous releases, with updates in the following main areas: Release 9. Nine existing addenda impacted by the change requests summarized in the next section include?

One attribute in RootEntity was renamed in the model and another was added, both changes are not reflected in the doc. This ABE includes both spec entities, instance entities and example entities. These associations exist in the model and just should be added to the diagram.

In section 1. Section 1. This is against the common SID practice. XSD 2 artf artf artf artf artf artf artf artf artf artf artf RN, Version 2. Functionally it should be only on the derived class and not on the base class. It presents some problems found in the SID while trying to import it into Tigerstripe and to use it for implementation purposes. This specific CR focuses on removal of hidden datatypes coming from Rose: 2. This specific CR focuses on strange characters in association names: 2.

This specific CR focuses on association navigability: 2. It presents some problems found in the SID while trying toimport it into Tigerstripe and to use it for implementation purposes. There is no object directly under the ABE. There are only under the Entities package. Since ProductOfferingPrice is the base class for ComponentProdOfferPrice this has no business meaning and it is just a bug in the model each class derives directly from its parent and grandparent.

Release Definition 3. It should be noted that the following documents were archived within this release please ask TM Forum staff to access it :? Model Release Description The Information Framework model comes in many different formats as described below. This document details the contents of the release, changes made in this release and other relevant information.

TM Forum Frameworx the successor of the well known NGOSS enable users to analyze their business operations against industry processes, applications and information standards. They also provide a framework to support the procurement, development and implementation of a comprehensive operations environment. Frameworx may be used as an integrated system end-to-end or as components to solve particular problems. They can be applied throughout organizations by operations staff, software developers and system integrators.

For more information please go to the TM Forum Frameworx web page. Others The Information Framework Release Performance addendum contains possible impacts to other TM Forum work products that need to be addressed in future releases. In general sections may be included or omitted as desired, however a Document History must always be included.

Document History 7. Version History Version Number Version number 1. Updated to reflect Release 6. Updated to reflect changes in Release 8. Release History This section records the changes between this and the previous Official document release. Release Number Release 7. TM Forum Page 19 of





GB922 Information Framework (SID) R15.0.1


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