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Gerry Vassilatos writes about the remarkable lives, astounding discoveries and incredible inventions of such famous people as Nikola Tesla, Dr.

Royal Rife, T. Brown, and T. Henry Moray. Read about the aura research of Baron Karl von Reichenbach, the wireless of Antonio Meucci, the controlled fusion devices of Philo Farnsworth, the earth battery of Nathan Stubblefield and more. What were the twisted intrigues that surrounded the often deliberate attempts to stop this technology? Vassilatos claims that we are living hundreds of years behind our intended level of technology and that we must recapture this "lost science.

How did the aura research of Baron Karl von Reichenbach prove the vitalistic theory and frighten the greatest minds in Germany? How did the physiophone and wireless of Antonio Meucci predate both Bell and Marconi by decades? How does the earth battery technology of Nathan Stubblefield portend an unsuspected energy revolution? How did the geoaetheric engines of Nikola Tesla threaten the establishment of a fuel-dependent America? The microscopes and virus-destroying ray machines of Dr.

Royal Rife provided the solution for every world-threatening disease. The static crashes on telephone lines enabled Dr. Henry T. Moray to discover the reality of radiant space energy. Was the mysterious "Swedish stone," the powerful mineral Dr. Moray discovered, the very first historical instance in which stellar power was recognized and secured on earth?

Why did the Air Force initially fund the gravitational warp research and warp-cloaking devices of T. Townsend Brown and then reject them? What were the twisted intrigues that surrounded these deliberate convolutions of history? Each chapter is a biographic treasure. Read more Read less.

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Tesla believed that he could trap electrons within an dielectric and create enough force to repel aether through the dielectric it to create sparks in circuits that were designed to produce Displacement Current DC , page DC can be separated and placed upon tissues using insulated or valve metal electrodes instead: US On page , the author described a glowing device that ran with no current.

Valve metal oxides are used to make effective cathodes: WO Cosmic ultraviolet causes these materials to produce a glow known as galvanoluminescence. The hopping of ions under the surface creates energy which actually causes the glow. Dr Moray crystal radio using similar glowing materials, page Its possible for atoms to tunnel through smaller gaps than electrons. Electron tunneling: EP, item 25 is larger than atom tunneling: Fig , page 98 "Growth of oxide films on metals".

Spiritualist Sir Crookes believed he could store aether in the dark space of his Railway Crookes Tube near its electron source. He believed that this aether rotated mica paddlewheel vanes and caused the mica to glow. Mica is an optical transparent dielectric that produces a greenish glow under a high voltage field. The ancient underground Teotihuaca chambers are lined with 90 sq ft of it.

The Crookes paradox has another explanation: The electrons moved the paddlewheels as they passed by them. The dark area contained ions that stopped fluorescing. This book was inspirational.

It's too bad that Gerry Vassilatos didn't hire a good editor to clean up his tortured treatment of the English language in this book because he has some great material. It's clear he did considerable research in profiling the discoveries of a number of inventors whose brilliant work never made it to mainstream America. Too bad, since we could be enjoying free energy, warp drive to the stars and a cure for cancer. I don't mean that sarcastically either -- I think these men they were all men actually made the discoveries claimed in the book.

One reason I bought this book was my interest in the work of Royal R. The author gives us a feast of unrealized potential for the betterment of society. And that brings me to another problem with this book. The author weaves his own opinions and ideas in among the stories of these inventors, and due again to his idiosyncratic writing style, it is often unclear as to just what point he is trying to make.

He mixes metaphors in appearing to endorse the old idea of the "ether" which he introduces along with his first story, that of Baron Von Reichenbach and his "od" energy. The idea of a natural type of energy that is not electricity, but exists in abundance, is part of many of these inventions.

Apparently Tesla was sensitive to this energy. But what exactly is it? It is always a kind of radiance that can be tapped by those who know it's there, who can listen to the earth, or feel it in the radiance from the moon Von Reichenbach's somnambulists were driven crazy by moonlight.

The author often becomes lyrical as he talks about the dream state, the shared consciousness, the archetypes, the sea of ideas that he sees as the source of all great breakthroughs. The ideas are apparently "in the ether. But some gifts never reach the intended recipients because society runs on money, not creativity, and there are often powerful vested interests that stand to lose financially from technological changes.

Technology gets suppressed because the military wants it or some organization wants to keep doing things the same old lucrative way. I was startled to read in this book a new theory of the Philadelphia Experiment. In this version, the military first noticed the invisibility function while using huge and high-powered arc welding equipment, and they consulted Dr. Thomas Moray who had discovered a similar effect. Working together, they equipped the USS Eldridge with the equipment which made the ship blink invisible, with disastrous effect on the crew.

There have been many versions and retellings of this event, and here is one more from a source that is not Carlos Allende. The author concludes with a little tale about water and fire and how mankind lost "contact with the inner water world" through its belief in the power of fire.

We lost our way when we bought into the "thermodynamic model of the world. I guess as a professional editor myself, I find sentences that twist and turn without meaning especially annoying.

I could have done with fewer sentences like "Dream waves ebb and flow in the mind of humanity. Like I said, if you can wade through the overdone metaphors, repetitious concepts, and bad English, you might be able to pick up some actual ideas. Amazing book. Fast delivery! One person found this helpful. Interesting book. Every serious student of archaeology should read this fine and well researched book. See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Excellent book, a liitle hard to read in places but anyone interesting in knowledge will find it fascinating.

It is also a great read for conspiracy theorist and you will ask your self why these amazing discoveries have been hidden. It is very hard to get your hands on this book and it is expensive but I believe it is well worth getting. Thank you for your feedback.


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