As I mentioned in my previous post , I like the Technical Grappling rules on principle but find them way too detailed for most games in practice. My main goal here is to completely eliminate on-the-fly ST adjustments from the game. This is gone. Use the Wrestling bonus from the core rules for that skill and ignore the concept for the others. Buy Lifting ST instead. Armed grappling works mostly like in the book, except you always use your full ST to calculate control damage.

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On the SJG Forums, a poster threw down a few simplified rules that also tried to bridge the distance between the fairly bland basic grappling rules of GURPS all successful grapple attacks are a -4 to DX and the full-on glory ahem of Technical Grappling. The poster phayman53 came up with a couple really good suggestions that should be both fun and playable, and worth sharing.

A good concept, even with a simple halving like that. Both of these concepts are simple and good. Pass Limb could also be used to add a second location to the list of those at So you could say grapple the torso -4 and limbs are One limb per attack.

Being able to slowly pull more and more of the foe into your clutches is dramatically cool, and gives a good reason to re-attack.

Even with all that, you could also add the ability to continue to simply attack to grapple again, ratcheting up penalties by an additional -4 per successful attack. That regular contest is annoying to me for several reasons. Allowing -4 per successful grappling attack means that you can bypass all of that. The real key here is to just look at the breakpoints for GURPS damage, which are the -1 per die chunks. So, as it happens, the DX penalty for this fairly typical heroic warrior for that first grappled level mirrors the -4 to DX you get with the regular rules.

Knock-on effects are the reduced ST score for when it matters in contests and stuff, and you can just use your regular damage rolls, but at -1 per die. Why bother keeping track of CP at all, then? For a giant creature, say ST 50 and DX 10, the table will look pretty different in the specifics of it:. If you wanted to simplify even further, just treat each level of grappled as -4 to DX, which hews a bit closer to the rules as written, but loses some detail in how penalties scale — a trade that many will feel is more than justified enough!

Mostly, the effects can probably be simplified to the damage reductions and the DX penalties for each level, which makes it even simpler to adjudicate. The ST reductions will only come up when calculating things like encumbrance and contests of ST a grappled creature may be less able to deal with the weight of their own equipment, plus less able to resist the weight of creatures dogpiling him. One of the issues with the current grappling rules is that every grappling attack has exactly the same effects: -4 to DX.

And only one step allowed unless you decide to go for the pin. If we assume that the typical warrior will be reasonably strong and reasonably skilled in grappling about Trained ST 14 , then that column on the thrust table is 1d, which conveniently averages out to a roll of between 3 and 4. Great: so when you hit with a grapple, roll your base thrust damage, and just apply that as the DX penalty.

Every -4 to DX is -1 per die to damage. Go ahead and keep attacking until you pile up an insurmoutable advantage. In practice, unless I were allowed to do all the work myself, SJGames has better things to spend money on than my book. I think it would make sense to buy this perk for a grappling-oriented cat. Also according to TG27, legs are stronger and inflict 0. Some giant spider with 8 legs for example, no idea what his ST multipler would be….

I think TGp7 if I understand it…. Their high skill also means they should be able to do a Dual Weapon Attack -4 more easily, for more chances to land some CP. I just wanted to say thanks for this! Thenk ya sir, Thenkya verra much.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content Menu. Search for: Search Submit. Minor Tweaks to Grappling Rules phayman53 The poster phayman53 came up with a couple really good suggestions that should be both fun and playable, and worth sharing. Good stuff. Direct Variable Penalties One of the issues with the current grappling rules is that every grappling attack has exactly the same effects: -4 to DX.

Want to do extra injury? For now, the concepts above will have to do. Share this: Tweet. They also have Sharp Claws and Sharp Teeth, which bypass control resistance.

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Quick and Dirty Technical Grappling

The weekend before I started my current campaign, Technical Grappling came out. Since I conceived this campaign specifically to teach the combat system to new players, I decided to incorporate the new supplement from the beginning, rather than change downstream. I now feel qualified to review it not only on the basis of how it reads, but how it plays. I found it intimidating at first, but after actually gaming a few scenes with it, I found it easy to assimilate, certainly no more difficult than the combat system in general, in part because it organically extends concepts already present in that system. Martial Arts introduced the concept of an armed grapple with weapon skill, but with the requirement that you drop your shield to hold that weapon with both hands, it seemed like a losing proposition as well.


GURPS Technical Grappling Sequence

The canny warrior knows that grappling is fundamental to fighting. Any melee — from a brawl to a swordfight — could suddenly move into the clinch. Some fighters even specialize in such tactics! This is a hard subject to get a hold on, however; volumes have been written about leverage alone. Whether your campaign features athletes wrestling for prizes and honor, lawmen who must control and disarm suspects, or historical warriors trained to fight to the death, Martial Arts: Technical Grappling will add detail and realism to your battles. Privacy Policy Contact Us.

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