It contains material that was cut from the story of the game for reasons of space and time, character profiles, staff interviews and in-universe articles. It is debatable how accurate this information is, however, as some of it contradicts not only the game but other parts of the book itself. Most of it has been translated by Delta Head Translations , which can be found below. Heaven Smile profiles, staff interviews, and other minor features were not translated, but most-all in-universe documentation has been. ISBN

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It contains material that was cut from the story of the game for reasons of space and time, character profiles, staff interviews and in-universe articles. It is debatable how accurate this information is, however, as some of it contradicts not only the game but other parts of the book itself. Most of it has been translated by Delta Head Translations , which can be found below.

Heaven Smile profiles, staff interviews, and other minor features were not translated, but most-all in-universe documentation has been. ISBN This document is not an attempt to infringe upon or challenge that copyright. If an English-language version of this book is published, the following trans- lation will be removed in accordance with international copyright laws.

In August , Capcom released the book "Hand in Killer7. Many fans of the game expected the book to fill in many of the empty spaces left in the plot.

Information within the book outright contradicts information given to the audience during the game, and the book introduces characters to the story that are never mentioned or shown in the game. Translated by Yoshiko Ohier; edited by James Howell. Since its establishment, it has become Japan's leading political party. Toru Fukushima is the party's leader; he is a former member of the Liberal Party. Some members of the party are older men, like Hiroyasu Kurahashi and Shinya Akiba.

The party also includes younger people, whose leader within the party is Kenjiro Matsuoka. When Fukushima was killed, the party briefly fell into chaos. Fukushima was supposed to attend the Japan-U. Negotiations between the Liberal Party and the U. Government had concluded well before the meeting in the Kaku Build- ing, so the meeting was intended to be a mere formality. Unexpectedly, the U. Government broke off negotiations; as a result, both sides ended up kill- ing each other.

The Liberal Party is the second most powerful political party in Japan. Ohta and Kuramoto the men who attended the negotiations in the Kaku Building are members of the Liberal Party, and Hiro Kasai works as an informant for the Lib- eral Party.

Intent on destroying the U. Party, the Liberal Party wants to reclaim its lost place as the forerunning political party in Japan. The Liberal Party desired an extension of the Asian Security Treaty, and there- fore kept its relationship with the U.

Government in good condition. Oppo- sitely, Toru Fukushima completely severed his relationship with the U. Gov- ernment; he ended the security treaty in the interest of establishing Japan as a truly independent state. As well, Kisugi was in- structed to retrieve the Yakumo. The Liberal Party wanted to reclaim control of the Japanese Government, to protect the Japanese people's interests.

It regarded Fukushima's action as reckless. Since the Liberal Party desired a more complex relationship of support with the United States, it was only natural that they should try to assassinate the leader of their Japanese competition. Kasai asked the Killer7 to eliminate Jean DePaul. Government meeting in the Kaku Building to succeed, in order to strengthen the security treaty.

Fukushima, however, had known for years that the U. Government was plotting against Japan. He took his anti-U. Since the foundation of the United States of America, many organizations and political parties struggled for power. Although history recognizes the United States of America's government as a democratic republic, it is rumoured that a shadow government really runs the country.

The U. Government's cold attitude toward Japan resulted in a rupture in its relationship to Toru Fukushima. The Killer7 receives its missions from the U. Government, through Christopher Mills. Jeffers and Dudley—the U. They were expendable pawns, who were sent to end the negotiations by killing the Japanese representatives—and being killed themselves. As a result, Japan was thrown into total chaos. Some wondered whether Japan's disorder was the President and the U. Government's intention from the start.

However, the President's delay in response was due to the prolonged settlement on the distribution of Japan's land and natural resources, with European countries. The true "test of Japan's value" for the U. Government was nothing more than determining what benefit the U. If the U.

Behind the scenes, the U. Opposition Party controls the U. Immigration Bureau. If Fukushima was allowed to live, Japan's isolation would be maintained. The rationale behind sending DePaul to the Kaku Building was similar: to break off the negotiation by kill- ing members of Japan's Liberal Party, who wanted to extend the security treaty.

His life was wasted, since the IEC's desires were fulfilled without the need for their intervention. In Singapore, the negotiations regarding the division of Japan continue. The Yakumo Cabinet Policy was created in It was the work of the group known as the Union 7, who were young members of the Liberal Party. The Yakumo Cabinet Policy called "Yakumo" for short addressed such subjects as "the ideal nation," foreign policy, and other matters of nationalism and diplomacy.

The policy was given to the Liberal Party's chief secretary, after which it disappeared. The Union 7 was forced to disband, owing to internal conflict within the Liberal Party. She was hired as a secretary by Toru Fukushima, who she later killed.

However, the Yakumo had been taken by Jean DePaul a spy from the International Ethics Committee , who had taken work in Fukushima's rest- urant as an apprentice to the head chef. The whereabouts of the Yakumo were unknown, after that. However, it was rumoured that a young mail clerk in a small Texan town named Andrei Ulmeyda had found part of the Yakumo, somehow.

Ulmeyda established a company called "First Life. One of the primary causes of international conflict is the limited number of energy resources, in conjunction with different economic systems and environ- ental concerns. In , in Hakone, Japan, an international conference met to find solutions to energy security problems, specifically as they related to Asian countries.

The Hakone Protocol contained three different possible routes:. One of these three plans was adopted by the countries who attended and voted during the international conference. However, there was no formal announcement regarding which of the three plans was selected. In , the United Nations Army intervened on international conflicts and brought true peace to the entire world, for people of all races.

The United Nations declared world peace. Party is specifically Japanese, and specifically operates within the context of U. The United Nations, in this section, refers to the real-world global welfare organization.

Global disarmament commenced. All members of the United Nations signed a formal agreement, dedicating their countries to a total abolition of weapons of mass destruction. The agreement stipulated that the disposal of the weapons of mass destruction must occur within plain view of the entire world's population; this meant that undersea or underground detonations were not allowed.

The United Nations decided that the missiles should be launched outside the Earth's atmosphere, then intercepted by other missiles, thereby exploding all missiles at once.

These explosions lit up the night sky. Because of their resemblance, these explosions were called "Fireworks. The International Photographic Mapping Office trans- mitted photographs of these explosions all over the world, so that anyone who missed the explosions could see proof. In April , the Fireworks took place in the sky above Ibiza island. The sky over Japan was chosen, also, as a point of detonation.

All this is how history records the events. However, in reality, the "peace for people of all races" was imposed by the United Nations Army, and the World Peace Declaration was superficial.

Oppositely, racial tensions increased under pressure from the United Nations. The United Nations feared that it could no longer control the international market, owing to the hastened development of means of distribution of mater- ials. Therefore, it enacted greater restrictions on the air transportation industry.

Additionally, research institutes reported that an unknown virus was trans- ported via airplanes; this virus had the potential to spark a global epidemic.

A decline in the use of airlines was inevitable. In order to replace air transportation, a network of "Intercontinental Expressways" was planned for construction.

After the construction of the Intercontinental Expressways, a next-generation distribution system was slated for construction, using the Intercontinental Expressways as their foundation. For its successful operation, a newly dis- covered power source would be used to move a gigantic metal plate across the sea floor. The plate would have a base area of several kilometers.


ISBN 13: 9784575164442

And airplanes. The remaining warheads are fired into space, where they collide and destroy each other. However, this peace was not to last, for a group of mysterious creatures known as "Heaven Smiles" soon appear. Led by the enigmatic Kun Lan, they began to carry out a number of terrorist attacks across the world with no discernible purpose other than to create terror for the sake of terror. To combat this supernatural threat, the American government call on the services of the Smith Syndicate, aka the killer7. Led by the elderly and wheelchair-bound Harman Smith, a man who carries a history with Kun Lan, the killer7 are a group of specialized assassins trained to deal with high-level threats to the stability of the United States of America.


Killer 7 - Plot Analysis/FAQ

A few points should be clarified up front. First: since this is a Plot Analysis, it will drawn support for its conclusions from all parts of the game. Therefore, I assume that the reader will have played the game at least once--having watched all of the cutscenes and talked to all the NPC's--before reading this guide. This also means that the Plot Analysis is one huge spoiler.


hand in killer7


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