Health psychology : biopsychosocial interactions. Edward P. Edward Sarafino' s best-selling health psychology text draws from the current research and theories of many disciplines to describe how psychology and health are interconnected using the biopsychosocial model to synthesize all the information together into a straightforward text. While maintaining the widely praised organization and pedagogy of earlier editions, the author updated each chapter. Some of the many topics which have been expanded include the following: the coverage of age, gender, and sociocultural differences in health and health promotion, AIDS prevention, psychoneuroimmunology, and methods of coping.

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Edward P. Sarafino , Timothy W. View Instructor Companion Site. Contact your Rep for all inquiries. He is now Professor Emeritus there. His scholarship has combined areas of health, developmental, and behavioral psychology, particularly with regard to the study of asthma. In addition to having published dozens of research articles and chapters, he is the author of eight books. He is a Fellow of Division 38 Health Psychology of the American Psychological Association, served as an officer Secretary of that division, and has been a member of several committees of Division 38 and of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

When he is not working, he enjoys being with family and friends, traveling, hiking and other outdoor activities, and going to cultural events, especially music and visual arts. Timothy W. Smith received his PhD from the University of Kansas. After both a pre-doctoral internship in clinical psychology and a post-doctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine at the Brown University Medical School, he joined the faculty of the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah, where he has remained for nearly thirty years.

He has published over two hundred articles and chapters, and three books, most in personality and social psychology, clinical psychology, and health psychology and behavioral medicine, particularly in the area of psychosocial issues in cardiovascular disease. He enjoys skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, exercise, and spending time with family and friends. Undetected location. NO YES. Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions, 9th Edition. Selected type: Paperback.

Added to Your Shopping Cart. E-Book Rental Days. This is a dummy description. Ed Sarafino and Timothy Smith draw from the research and theory of multiple disciplines in order to effectively demonstrate how psychology and health impact each other. An emphasis on lifespan development in health and illness is integrated throughout the text. About the Author Edward P.

New To This Edition Enhanced content, including revised cross-cultural data and updated illustrations Expanded coverage of the following topics: how stress affects health, health risks from adverse childhood experiences, religiosity, positive emotions, stages of change and motivational interviewing in health promotion, processes in and prevention and treatment of tobacco and alcohol use, weight control and exercise, health care systems in the U.

Features Chapter Contents and Prologue. Each chapter begins with a contents list that outlines the major topics in the order in which they are covered. The prologue then introduces the chapter with a vignette that is relevent to the material ahead and gives an overview of the basic ideas you will read about. The many figures, tables, and photographs in each chapter are designed to clarify concepts and research findings and help them stick in your mind.

Boxed material. Three types of boxed materials are included in the chapters. Each type of box has a special icon that is used in "Go to Summary and Key Terms.

Each chapter closes with two features: 1 the summary, which presents the most important ideas convered, and 2 the key terms - a list of the most important terms in the chapter, arranged in order of their appearance.

The glossary at the back of the book gives definitions of important terms and concepts, along with pronunciation keys for the most difficult words.

It will be useful when you are studying or reading and are not sure of the exact meaning or pronunciation of a term.


Health Psychology : Biopsychosocial Interactions



Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions, 9th Edition






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