Question Booklet Serial No. Question Booklet Serial Number is given at the top of this page. Write your Roll No. Mark your answers in the Answer Sheet only. The Answer Sheet alone will constitute the basis of evaluation. All rough work must be done in the Question Booklet only.

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Question Booklet Serial No. Question Booklet Serial Number is given at the top of this page. Write your Roll No. Mark your answers in the Answer Sheet only. The Answer Sheet alone will constitute the basis of evaluation. All rough work must be done in the Question Booklet only. Do not make any stray marks anywhere in the answer sheet.

Do not fold or wrinkle the answer sheet. Use only HB Pencil to mark the answers in the answer sheet. All questions have one correct answer. Every answer must be indicated clearly darkening one circle for each answer.

If you wish to change an answer, erase completely the already darkened circle, then make a fresh mark. If you darken more than one circle your answer will be treated as wrong, as shown in the example below:. Candidates are advised to spend time judiciously on different sections as there are sectional cut-off marks.

The candidates are advised to read all options thoroughly. No clarification of any sort regarding the question paper is permitted. Find the sum of the following series;. A Techno company has 14 machines of equal efficiency in its factory. The annual manufacturing costs are Rs. The annual output of the company is Rs. The annual output and manufacturing costs are directly proportional to the no. The share holders get Sun Life Insurance Company issues standard, preferred, and ultra-preferred policies.

If a policy holder of that age dies in the next year, what is the probability of the deceased being a preferred policy holder? A Metro train from Mehrauli to Gurgaon has capacity to board people. The fare charged in. How many people per trip will make the marginal revenue equal to zero?

What are the values of a, b, c? Shyam, Gopal and Madhur are three partners in a business. Their capitals are respectively Rs. The remaining profit is divided among the three in the ratio of their capitals. At the end of the year, the profit of Shyam is Rs. How much profit, Madlur will get? Find the third vertex. A small confectionery bought a certain number of pastries flavoured pineapple, mango and black-forest from the bakery, giving for each pastry as many rupees as there were pastry of that kind; altogether he bought 23 pastries and spent Rs.

Three Professors Dr. Gupta, Dr Sharma and Dr. Singh are evaluating answer scripts of a subject. Gupta takes 10 days less than Dr. Sharma to complete the evaluation work. Gupta starts the evaluation work and works for 10 days and then Dr. Sharma takes over. Sharma evaluates for next 15 days and then stops. In how many days, Dr. Singh can complete the remaining evaluation work. Three pipes A, B and C are connected to a tank.

These pipes can fill the tank separately in 5 hrs, 10 hrs and 15 hrs respectively. In how much time,. In a B-School there are three levels of faculty positions i. Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor. It is found that the sum of the ages of all faculty present is , their average age is 36; the average age of the Professor and Associate Professor is 39; of the. Had each Professor been 1 year older, each Associate Professor 6 years older, and each Assistant Professor 7 years older, then their average age would increase by 5 years.

What will be the number of faculty at each level and their average ages? In a square of side 2 meters, isosceles triangles of equal area are cut from the corners to form a regular octagon. Find the perimeter and area of the regular octagon.

What percentage of people watched all the three movies? Determine the perimeter of the triangle. In a Green view apartment, the houses of a row are numbered consecutively from 1 to To start a new enterprise, Mr. Yogesh has borrowed a total of Rs. Yogesh repaid Rs. If Mr. Yogesh had instead borrowed Rs. Then money borrowed by Mr. Yogesh from first money lender is? They have a bike which can carry only two riders at a time as per traffic rules. Bike can be driven only by Mukesh.

Mathura is km from Delhi. All of them start their journey from Delhi simultaneously and are required to reach Mathura at the same time. In a rocket shape firecracker, explosive powder is to be tilled up inside the metallic enclosure. The metallic enclosure is made up of a cylindrical base and conical top with the base of radius 8 centimeter. The ratio of height of cylinder and cone is A cylindrical hole is drilled through the metal solid with height one third the height of metal solid.

What should be the radius of the hole, so that volume of the hole in which gun powder is to be filled up is half of the volume of metal solid after drilling? A small and medium enterprise imports two components A and B from Taiwan and China respectively and assembles them with other components to form a toy. Considering that cost of other components does not change, what will be the profit percentage, if the toy is sold at the new price? What is the value of c in the given figure, where the radius of the circle is a unit.

Directions for questions 31 to Read the following information and choose the right alternative in the questions that follow. During the cultural week of an institute six competitions were conducted. The cultural week was inaugurated in the morning of 19th October, Wednesday and continued till 26th October.

In the span of 8 days six competitions namely debate, folk dance, Fash-p, street play, rock band, and group song, were organized along with various other cultural programs. The information available from the institute is:. Only one competition was held in a day. Rock band competition was not conducted on the closing day. Fash-p was conducted on the day prior to debate competition. Group song competition was conducted neither on Wednesday nor on Saturday.

None of the competition was conducted on Thursday and Sunday. Street Play competition was held on Monday. There was gap of two days between debate competition and group song competition. How many days gap is there between rock band competition and group song competition? Directions for questions 36 to Read the information given below and answer the questions that follow the information.

A parking lot can accommodate only six cars. The six cars are parked in two rows in such a way that the front of the three cars parked in one row is facing the other three cars in the other row. Alto is not parked in the beginning of any row ii Esteem is second to the right of i10 iii. Punto which is the neighbor of Alto is parked diagonally opposite to i10 iv.

Swift is parked in front of Alto v. SX4 is parked to the immediate right of Alto. If SX4 and Esteem exchange their positions mutually then car s adjacent to Esteem is are? If Alto changes position with i10 and Punto changes position with SX4 and Swift shifts one position to the right to accommodate Beatle then the car s parked adjacent to Beatle is are?


IIFT Solved Paper 2010

Click here for the Key. Exam Snapshot. Ranging from 0. IIFT largely remained true to its reputation, largely because it had some very difficult Quant questions and some highly calculation intensive DI questions.


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Iift 2010 Question Paper


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