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The trend towards integration has been felt in recent times in every branch of social sciences as well as in the humanities. We will discuss each of these integrational tendencies in turn. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Advertisement Hide. Internal and External Integration of the Study of Law. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Compo W. Tatarkiewicz, Historia filozofii History Philosophy , Vol. Google Scholar. Compo S. V and VI; K. Ossowski, op.

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I, paragr. Compo report of the discussion on the problems of legal norm and jural relations in the Law Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Panstwo i Prawo 8—9, ; discussed also by L.

One ofthe rare examples of taking into account the contribution s of legal theory in the doctrinal study of law is the paper of S. Krakow Compothe point of wiev of A. Podgorecki, Socjologia prawa Sociology ofLaw , Warszawa , p. Stone, The Province and Function ofLaw. Law as logic, justice and social control. A study in jurisprudence, Sydney , p.

Compoabove note 9 and J. Smialowski, W. Lang, A. II and m. Mane1i, ofunkcjach panstwa On the State Functions , Warszawa , ch. Compo K. Opalek, Problemy II, paragr. Wroblewski, op. Ehrlich, op.

For instance the institutional theories of the plurality of legal orders, camp. Podgorecki, Socjologia prawa, op. Compo C. II, pp. Opalek, Swoistosc Compo P. Problems and prospects, New York , p. As to the relations to psychiatry cornp. Lasswell, L. Studies in honor ofRoscoe Pound, New York , pp. Flugel, Man, Morals and Society. A psycho-analytical study, London pp. Compofor instance Z. Rybicki W. Brzezinski, J. Kaleta, L. Martan, M. Compo J. Wiener, Cy bernetics or control and communication in the animal and the machine, Cambridge Mass.

I, ed. Ill, Warszawa , pp. V Google Scholar. Studnicki, op. Compo the direction of the activities of the journal M. Compo also Communication Sciences and Law, ed. Allen, M. Wroblewski, Zagadnienia teorii wykladni prawa ludowego Problems ofthe Interpretation Theory ofthe Socialist law , Warszawa pp. Compo O. Compo Communication sciences and law, op. Wroblewski, Zagadnienia teorii wykladni I and n. As to the application of praxiology — A. Podgorecki, Zalozenia polityki prawa Foundations of Legal Polics ; on the problems of application of the organisation theory - W.

Lang, op. Interesting remarks on the situation in USA by F. Wroblewski, O naukowosci Jagiellonian University Cracow Poland. Personalised recommendations. Cite chapter How to cite? ENW EndNote. Buy options.


Jan Szczepański (socjolog)



Elementarne pojęcia socjologii



Internal and External Integration of the Study of Law



Jan Szczepański


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