The State of Parana has added one more star to its green reputation: since a few days ago it hosts the largest solar water heater Brazil, built with 1. The heater was installed in Palmas, in southern Parana, over a building belonging to the Brazilian army that serves as home for 50 soldiers and consumes eight thousand liters of water daily. More on Parana's big PET bottles heater in the extended. Via Tierramerica. Parana's solar heater.

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Construction and Installation of Water Heater. Manual on the Construction and Installation. We hope that during the same, through text, diagrams and pictures, describe it within our limitations.

In large part the success of the project will depend on a careful reading of this H and book and in full, and. We are aware of the damage they cause to the environment such packages, we save them for good, awaiting. But with respect to a useful destination Packages pet, tetra pak cartons, polystyrene trays, plastic bags, etc..

In consequence of the results obtained with a design. Besides saving energy, directly benefit the environment, our project aims to awaken in people in general, the. What Fortunately there is the personal contacts or the hundreds of emails received.

It is appropriate to emphasize the intention of hundreds of people in the implementation of numerous projects. Reflect and put into practice everything that is good in you, remember that we live very little to lose time with.

Important observation is needed in the care we should have in h and ling the pet bottles, tetra pak cartons,. The precautions are on the merits of such packages, to avoid the. If in doubt check with the health monitoring, secretary of health of his city, even with skilled people on the.

The principle of operation by end siphon is what fits and simple systems to our project, as long as the possibility of. Item 6-fisherman hot water, the diagram 1, should be done with a rubber hose, those used in dishwashers, or. Its function is to monitor the change in water level, seeking always the hottest part.

System where the collector is higher than the box or container, an example is the heating of swimming pools. It is necessary to install a check valve so that in times when the solar collector is not warming up, avoid the. Collector will function as a sink of heat, all cold and hot water stored or heated, when available in the system of.

The solar collector is the component that deserves special attention, being the same, is directly responsible for. Our solar collector differs from the conventional, in terms of materials used in its construction and thermal. Without forgetting the box or container, if they are of materials with the temperature limits for accumulation.

PET bottles and tetra pak cartons fit properly, are the role of the box, the absorption of solar panel and glass in. Although simple, it contains.

Three are the bottles we use in the construction of it, by giving preference to the transparent glass in the. We use the green bottle just for the cutting of strips in different moorings, described throughout the manual.

To facilitate the cutting of bottles glass , we suggest a simple template, or cut 2 pieces of PVC pipe mm: 1 to.

The pipe of 29 cm used for measuring the cutting of Lisas and bottles of Pepsi new model and the tube of 31 cm. Suggestions: after consumption of soda, rinse the bottle and let drain.

Bote in the refrigerator for 2 min without the. As the air inside the bottle back to the room temperature increases the. If you have a few bottles, and some mashed them and if you want to take advantage of them, destampe it and add. But the question is: why not use hot water? Because the bottle without the pressure of steam and support, to receive the hot water is all deformed.

Note: this operation seeks to protect itself goggle, gloves, coat, and place far enough from other people, especially. There are few companies specialized in this process, which discourages the collectors, although the campaigns.

The application of them in our project. For a perfect fit inside the bottles of Coke or the Lisas, cut the box with 23 cm, and the bottles of Pepsi new. There just fold it in a simple way, using the lateral bending of the same Fig. We paint it with. Note: Do not use ink to glow, as will the performance of the collector, since the sun will be partly reflected. The reason we use a maximum of 5 bottles per column, is not to hinder the installation of the collector in relation.

In our project we use the collector tubes and connections of the type I 20 mm weldable quality of good quality,. Remember that before. Note: The design of the bottle of Coca new yellow cover has changed, so. Before painting the tubes of the columns with the same ink used in the boxes, we must isolate with duct tape the 2. The tubes of distance between columns should be 8. The assembly becomes simple to follow an order to put the components, taking care to use the adhesive only in the.

At the bottom should just fit them. Recalling: to avoid leaks, the quality of the pipes and connections is essential. Watch out, the cheap comes out. To simplify the assembly of solar collector, we need to glue the three pieces of Fig. Conjuntinho Cole one another to form the 5 columns. Then insert the. In conclusion, the fit of the bus below Fig. We recommend for cold regions, is shown to fill the bottom, between the bottle and box tetra pak Fig.

The reason to opt for modules of 5 columns, it is about management, because it is extremely easy to upload it to. Amend a module to another, until five at most, to avoid tension on buses. According to Fig. This prevents the escape of heat from inside the column, and prevent the wind turn the cylinders, taking. For better viewing, set up to follow, step by step with pictures, part of 2 columns of solar collector:. Even the water box on the site may be used in the supply of hot and cold water, since it has a minimum capacity of.

The ideal and recommended, it would be a reservoir for hot water only, with. Since the shell is responsible to collect the hot water, it is necessary a good thermal insulation, which is found in. These batteries have the majority of heating aid for rainy days or covert, with electricity or gas, controlled by. Our design for the character to make it economically viable for all, has no such recourse, and the shower has been.

Common market, it facilitates the adjustment of the ideal temperature for bathing, without the need to vary the. The use of basic materials available in all regions, is of extreme importance. Applied in the project a plastic box as. So to avoid inconvenience, being sure of the. As the thermal insulation has many options: from the Styr of oam as we found in several packages of supermarkets,.

And in appliances and electronics, also plastic bags, papers,. In other regions we have great vacuum, such as: sawdust, wheat. It is extremely easy the use of such insulation, filling boxes of 1 liter tetra pak without leaving empty spaces ,.

You set these blocks in the box reservoir or use glue or. Vale warn that if the box or container is outdoors, you should have protection against the weather, or otherwise the. As the replacement of cold water is at the bottom of the box or shell, no insulation is required at that location. Another type of insulation simple and effective but more expensive, is to put a box of water within a compartment. Apply the thermal insulation, only after all the holes and connections necessary for the installation of assembly.

When put into practice the project in October , built a solar collector with pet bottles, boxes of 1 liter.

It is noteworthy that the thickness of. To correct the problem, we built another collector with the same dimensions of the former, on sunny days to meet. But for the summer we will increase the reservoir to liters, or disable.

Important: install the collectors independent of each other, to. For those who have, or may install a box or container with a volume equal to or higher than required, a very. Attach the flange to.

Note: Option great a prototype in a laboratory school. Considering the above, we suggest that each is the size next to the needs of consumption of each home, each. Examples: 1 position of the solar collector in relation to geographic north. It is at the discretion of each of the material to be used as support for fixing the solar collector, but indicated that at. Important: to avoid air bubbles hinder the movement of water in the collector, you need a gap of 2 cm for every.

Important note: never leave water in the collector fails, at risk of overheating and destruction of it. If you want to set straight on the ro of without taking into account the local latitude, should install the solar. It is appropriate to emphasize that almost all the problems of thermal efficiency of a solar heater, cease to exist as.

To give a preference by the end of movement by crane, it is m and atory that the bottom of the box or heat reservoir,. Remember that. Engage the bus's top collector and hot water pipe leading to the box with styr of oam, tying it to the tubes with strips. Note: The polystyrene does not st and for a long time exposed to the sun.


Largest Water Solar Heater with PET Bottles Installed in Parana, Brazil

Unable to load more. View the profiles of professionals named Jose Alano on LinkedIn. The Quality of urban life depends upon opportunities for education and employment, the availability of affordable housing and. How long does it take to decompose? The system is equipped with a termosensor, and the same for driving a motor, so the solar collector is producing hot water, because without it, there would be an exchange of hot water in the cold collector. This is a blog that I created inspired on my classes of Environmental Science and my love and passion for all topics related.





Largest Water Solar Heater with PET Bottles Installed in Parana, Brazil


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