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Let's assume you're the kind of straight-ahead sport flyer who feels like the new 8 and 9-channel radios are just a bit too fancy for your tastes. Not to mention the umpteen-channel pro-style radios, which are totally out of the question.

Well, have we got a radio for you. It's got the solid 6-channel simplicity and practicality you prefer. But this 6-channel's simplicity is combined with the kind of refinement and ease of programming that-until now-has been reserved only for the "high-end" rigs. Like, for openers, display graphics that convey more information and are easier to understand. It takes an expensive LCD driver with 10 times the power needed for ordinary 6-channel screens to produce the XP's exclusive 1,element dot matrix display.

Because unlike the screens of other 6-channels, the 's clutter-free displays let you focus solely on the information you need for the function or mix you're programming or reviewing. And as far as the tired old PCM vs. Not a chance. The debate's over. And for today's RCer, they decided capacity for 10 models would be just about perfect.

But they didn't stop with adding more model memory. There's also 8-character model naming. And you can activate the 's many functions your way, because its switch assignability is virtually unlimited. What's more, this is control flexibility with familiar starting points, because the 's switches are still named-according to their positions-with the designations we're all accustomed to. And for safety's sake, the 's fully-programmable PCM Failsafe is factory preset to react to control interruption by returning the throttle to idle while the control surfaces hold their last commanded positions.

There's no doubt lots of airplane enthusiasts who prefer less-elaborate radios will want to own s. But entry-level heli flyers would simply be settling for less if they chose anything other than an XP In this article JR's new XP JRP Let's assume you're the kind of straight-ahead sport flyer who feels like the new 8 and 9-channel radios are just a bit too fancy for your tastes.

But it's worth it.


Horizon Hobby XP6102 JR XP6102 FM 6 channel radio system User Manual XP6102 Section 1

Airplane page 17 - Connections - Diagram page 18 - Input mode and function page 19 - Normal mode page 20 - Model selection page 21 - Model name entry page 22 - Model type selection page 23 - Model copy function page 24 - Modulation Selection page 25 - Trainer function page 26 - Switch select page 27 - Wing type selection page 28 - Flaperon Wing Type Selection page 29 - Elevon Type Selection page 30 - V-Tail Type Selection page 31 - Functions function mode. Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Remote Control JR X 2. J7xph helicopter computer radio; j7xpc airplane computer radio; j7xpg glider computer radio pages.


XP6102 Manual

In addition,. T hese features are discussed. An explanation of. If you.

IEC 62055 PDF

JR XP6102 Instruction Manual

JR XP A multifunction 6-channel programmable radio with a sport-flyer price! Have you ever wanted a full-feature programmable radio but just didn't want to commit to a 9- or channel top-of-the-line system? High-end systems may be fine for dedicated, full-fledged competitors, but they are a big investment for average sport fliers who just want more versatility. Enter JR: distributed by Horizon Hobby, the new 6-channel programmable JR XP radio has a model memory and features programming for airplanes and helis at a very attractive sport-flyer price tag. JR has taken the extra step to gather many great functions that, until now, haven't been available in a 6-channel RC system. Let's see exactly what the XP has to offer.


Introducing JR's Phenomenal XP6102


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