Grammar Spoken. Without Grammar. English in. Spoken English.

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Grammar Spoken. Without Grammar. English in. Spoken English. Main Main Features: Features:. Tamil Tamil and and without without Grammar. Sentence Sentence Patterns. Understanding Understanding Newspaper Newspaper English.

Personality Personality Development Development Concepts. To To read read sample sample pages pages of of this this book book and and to to purchase, purchase,. About About the the Author Author. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate. He completed M. Tech, M. S, PhD. Cognitive Spoken English. In Sentence Patterns. Jayakumar, B. Head Office:. Selliamman Nagar, M. Web: www. First Edition All rights reserved worldwide.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording otherwise, without prior permission, in writing, of the publisher.

Price Rs. Table of Contents. Spoken English — A Glance ……. Sentence Patterns. Pronouns of Humans. Important Cognitive Words. Chapter — 1. Spoken English — A Glance. Cognitive Spoken English - in Sentence Patterns. Written English.

Simple Sentences. Complex Sentences. Complex Sentence:. I buy the bag that is very big at Delhi that is capital of India which is democratic country. Simple Sentences:. I buy the bag; The bag is very big; I buy the bag at.

Delhi; Delhi is capital of India; India is democratic. Sc, M. A, PhD,. Chapter - 2. Chapter - 3. Chapter - 4. Your book is big. I am hungry. Chapter - 5. The book is about politics -. He lies about his age -. I buy the house, what about you?

The fan is above the table -. You write the name above the address. I am above the manager -. According to. According to police, he is a thief pat: according to sb. I see across the valley. Chapter 5: Important Cognitive Words. After leaving the school, he works in the restaurant pat: after.

I go to Salem. After that I go to Trichy pat: sent1, After that. The apple is very tasty. Phrase Meaning 1: is that all? The pen is only Rs Is that all?

I had fever. Phrase Meaning 2: along with sth -. Phrase Meaning 3: along the same lines -. He handled the situation very well. We should act along the same. The villagers are among the casualities syn: include -. I discuss about lots of problems in meeting.

Among the other things,. I discuss about poverty -. Phrase Meaning 3: how long ago? How long ago did you buy the computer? B is ahead of A. I think about the exam 4 months ahead syn: I think about the. Can I do this work?

Has he come yet? Has the bus left to the Salem? Chapter - 6. Tamil Situations into English Sentence Patterns. Pat: what would you like to do sth. Pat: would you like to do sth. Pat: would you like to do anything. Pat: How long has sb been married. He got married young. How much you pay for the pen?

At that time, I pour water to that tree. I do for you? At that. Our Next Book. Cognitive Written English. Achieving Fluency in Written English. Coming Soon…. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Read Free For 30 Days.


spoken english in tamil and without grammar - nlrc's new spoken english book low price edition

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Spoken English in Tamil and Without Grammar - NLRC's New Spoken English Book Low price edition

Embed Size px x x x x PowerPoint Slides for Easy Understanding. Understanding Newspaper English. Personality Development Concepts.

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