Unfortunately, a person like, who has absolutely no qualification is writing about a very holy and divine topic, which typically should be done by authorities in this field. My apologies to begin with! We do not need epics, history or scriptures but a simple conversation with our elders in the house would reveal that there were times that Shiva puja was the center-piece in every Smartha household in India. This worship varies from household to household in terms of the magnitude. Such a Shiva worship alone helped us the entire humanity.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Chanting Mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva helps us overcome troubles. There are Shiva Mantras, which are chanted for the removal of sorrow, diseases and troubles from life.

He is God of destruction and also a symbol of mercy. He gives moksha to devotees, means he relieves the devotees from the cycle of birth and death. You may achieve anything by mere recitation of these powerful Mantras of Lord Shiva.

Shiva is known to grant boons to his devotees frequently, even if they happen to be some mischievous ones. He is called Bholenath, the innocent one, because he is pure in heart and easy to please. Which means, if you love him and worship him and even if you have some defects and weaknesses, you can be sure of his love and compassion. In this Shiv Panchayatana Pooja Set you will be worshipping Lord Ganesha, lord kartikeya, Maa Parvati, Nandi and above all Shivling, daily performing abhishek and chanting shiv mantra with rudraksha mala destroys our suffering, the poison of human life, and removes from us impurities such as ignorance, egoism, delusion, attachment and pride to facilitate our spiritual growth.

Which means if you are looking for a change or direction in your life, lord shiva is right deity to worship. Email: contact vedicvaani. Compare Products.

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Panchayathana Puja Initiation from Kanchi Acharyas

Paarayana is the recitation of a particular Sloka, Sahasranama , or Astothra of one Deity or any number of Deities daily. It is recommended that Siva Pooja be performed in the evening; others may be performed either in the morning or in the evening. Maha Naivedya- Hot cooked Rice with a spoon ful of Ghee on top of it with two teaspoonful of cooked Thoordal. This was made popular by Adi Sankaracharya. Smartha is One who follows the Smriti, that which is retained by Memory, as against Sruthi that which heard Vedas. We have a host of Smritis ,.


PanchAyatana Puja

Depending on the tradition followed by Smarta households, one of these deities is kept in the center and the other four surround it. Worship is offered to all the deities. The five are represented by small murtis , or by five kinds of stones, or by five marks drawn on the floor. Philosophically, all are seen by Smartas as equal reflections of the one Saguna Brahman , i. This arrangement is also represented in Smarta temples, with one in a central sanctum, and the others installed in smaller shrines. The Udasi sect follows the Panchayatana traditions. These followers, like mainstream Sikhs , believe in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Sacred Text of the Sikhs which the Udasis interpret according to Vedanta philosophy and therefore take part in both Nirgun Pooja of reading Gurbani from Sikh texts and fixing the mind on the omnipresent, indescribable and infinite God, the cause of all forms but also respect Sarguna Saroop the physical and metaphysical forms of God by Pooja and Aarti traditions of Sanatan Dharma.

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