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The Shivashtakam is a chant of eight stanzas, that describes the qualities of the many depictions of Shiva. Here is Sounds of Isha's rendering. Download Shivashtakam. The ebook is filled with rich graphics and pearls of wisdom from Sadhguru that reveal many virtually unknown aspects about the being we call Shiva. Encounter Shiva like never before! This is not the Shivashtakam we commonly know. Please tell me what is the source of this lyric. The one by Adi Shankaracharya, which I have been reciting since childhood, goes as following :.

Shiva is don and cop, shiva is darling for sweet hearted one, shiva is the knower of that which is and yet to be, shiva shiva shiva ,shiva this is all I found in you till now, do you have any more secrets please share so that I become more aware. Toggle navigation. Dec 14, Related Tags. Shiva Sounds of Isha Sounds. Show Comments. Hide Comments. Very intense Goof Up. Lyrics in Devangiri is Shivastakam. The Rendition by the lady is not. Don't want to miss anything? Get weekly updates on the newest articles, quotes and newsletters right in your mailbox.

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I pray You, Siva, Sankara, Sambhu, Who has a garland of skull around the neck, Who has a net of snakes around His body, Who is the destroyer of the immense-destroyer Kala, Who is the lord of Ganesa, Whose matted-hair are spread-out by the presence of the waves of Ganga falling on His head, and Who is the Lord of everyone. I pray You, Siva, Sankara, Sambhu, Who scatters happiness [in the world], Who is ornating the universe, Who is the immense universe Himself, Who is possessing the adornment of ashes, Who is without a beginning, Who is without a measure, Who removes the greatest attachments, and Who is the Lord of everyone. I pray You, Siva, Sankara, Sambhu, Who holds a skull and a trident in the hands, Who endows the desires of those who are humble to His lotus-feet, Who uses an Bull as a vehicle, Who is supreme and above various demi-gods, and Who is the Lord of everyone. I pray You, Siva, Sankara, Sambhu, Who is known as Hara, Who has a garland of snakes, Who roams around the cremation grounds, Who is the universe, Who is the summary of the Veda or the One discussed by Veda , Who is always dispassionate, Who is living in the cremation grounds, Who is burning desires born in the mind, and Who is the Lord of everyone. Shri Shiva tandav stotram was composed by Ravana , the king of Lanka. Shiva Tandava Stotra is a stotra that describes


Shivashtakam – Sounds of Isha’s Latest Single

Translated by P. I salute that Shiva , who is the real cause of causes, Who has reddish brown eyes which shine like light, Who wears garlands and ear drops made of the king of snakes, And who is the one who gives boons to Brahma and Vishnu. I salute that Shiva , who always wears, The clear moon and the snake as ornaments, Whose eyes are kissed by the daughter of the mountain, Who lives in the Kailasa peak and Mahendra mountain, And who defeats the sorrow of the people of three worlds. I salute that Shiva , who has neck of the colour of blue lotus, Who wears ear rings made of Padma raga, who rides on a bull, Who applies fragrance of aloe and coats himself with plenty of sandal paste, And who applies ash on his body and wears a garland of opened lotus flowers. I salute that Shiva who is saluted by lords of the three worlds, Who has large matted crown of hair of reddish brown colour, Who appears fierce and fearful due to his pointed teeth, And who is very pretty wearing the hide of a tiger. I salute that Shiva, who is Yoga and is saluted by yogis, Who destroyed fire sacrifice conducted by Daksha prajapathi, Who quickly killed the great asura called Tripurasura, And who cut off the fifth head of Brahma , who was proud. I salute that Shiva, who wears the skin of a tiger, Who keeps on destroying and creating the world, Who takes care of the different demons and crowds of sidhas, And who is served by sidhas, serpents, planets and chiefs of ganas.


Shiva Ashtakam


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