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Fifty years ago a girl disappeared from her home in Norway. She ran after a lamb and found herself travelling right across Europe to Palestine, and back through years to meet the Holy Family in Bethlehem. There she met angels, shepherds, wise men and other biblical characters who joined her on her pilgrimage; and she heard of many of the things that happened in the world in the last years. In present-day Norway, a boy acquires a strange old Advent calendar.

Hidden in each of the windows is a tiny piece of paper. The same goes for The Christmas Mystery. This year I finally picked it up and used it as an Advent calendar. Each chapter contains 10 pages: a cover with illustration, a blank page and eight pages containing the story. This means that each chunk is evenly spaced out and I found the length of each day pretty ideal. The Christmas Mystery is a metafictive book that especially appeals to children and families. Children could read the book by themselves without any trouble.

Families could get into the Christmas spirit together as there are good deal of things to talk about. It traces historical milestones from Norway down to Bethlehem as Elisabet travels back in time on a pilgrimage to the birth of Jesus.

It was especially fun when places that I had already been to myself where mentioned. Read day by day, The Christmas Mystery offered a lot more wonderment to me due to the anticipation that it held for me as an Advent calendar. I also loved seeing a new illustration each day that tied in with what I would read next.

It really was something to savour in sections rather than as a whole. This sounds like a fun, yet whimsical book for christmas! Thanks for sharing! Tasya recently posted Deck the Halls! The Christmas Mystery was published many, many years ago and originally in Norwegian to boot.

Word reveller. Loves books. Reads books. Talks about books. Photographs books. Also curates books for the Singapore-based subscription box, Lit Treat. Diving into Christmas The Christmas Mystery is a metafictive book that especially appeals to children and families. Like this: Like Loading Subscribe via email to receive the latest posts in your inbox. Nice review! Get it and read it as and Advent calendar next Christmas season ;.

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The Christmas Mystery: Jostein Gaarder

The Christmas Mystery begins in Norway on 30th November when a boy named Joachim discovers a hand-made Advent calendar in a book shop. The next day, when Joachim opens the first door, he finds a tiny piece of paper telling the story of a little girl called Elisabet who spots a lamb in a department store. The lamb begins to run away, but Elisabet is determined to stroke it and chases after it. The lamb leads her outside and into the woods where she meets the angel Ephiriel, who explains to her that she is now part of a very special pilgrimage to Bethlehem — not only will they be travelling across land, they will also be travelling back through time to the day when Jesus was born. As Elisabet, Ephiriel and the lamb move closer to Bethlehem and further back in time, they are joined by an assortment of other Biblical characters including shepherds and Wise Men. Thanks Michelle — I enjoyed the challenge.



Dusk was falling. The lights were on in the Christmas streets, thick snowflakes were dancing between the lamps. The streets were crowded with people. Among all these busy people were Papa and Joachim, who had gone into town to buy an advent calendar. It was their last chance, because tomorrow would be the first of December. They were sold out at the newsstand and in the big bookstore at the market. When Joachim opens his calendar a tiny piece of paper tumbles out, the first chapter of a story about Elisabet.

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